World Food Day 2024 - A Taste Of What To Expect On This Day

Have you ever thought about where we would be if there were no food? Well, we would be at every possible grocery store, restaurant, or cafe looking for it. In fact, we wouldnt survive for too long because we need food to live. Food is a basic human need; despite that, one in nine people across the world experience chronic hunger. This makes World Food Day an important day to observe. 


World Food Day is an international celebration that takes place every year on October 16 to appreciate food and address the hunger problems that the world is tackling. This day is observed to draw the attention of the world to the plight of the hungry. It is an opportunity to think about better solutions to fight against this global hunger problem.


So, if you are keen to participate in World Food Day 2024, scroll down and go through the article. It will help you learn more about awareness day and how you can reduce world hunger.


Origin Of World Food Day


World Food Day is an annual event that is celebrated every year in honor of the founding date of the Food and Agriculture Organization, i.e., October 16. The day was first established by FAO's Member Countries at the 20th General Conference of the organization in November 1979. The suggestion of the awareness day was given by former Hungarian Minister of Agriculture and Food- Dr. Pal Romany. During that time, he played an active role in the conference and came up with the idea of celebrating this international awareness day. The founding day of the Food and Agriculture Organization was fixed for the celebration. Since then, every year, over 150 countries have observed this day to address hunger issues.


World Food Day Theme For Different Years


On the occasion of World Food Day, the authorities come up with a new theme every year. Since 1981, there has been a different theme every year highlighting other areas that require attention and focus. Most of these themes revolve around agriculture, food, investments, high food production, and more. 


Here are the themes that have been adopted in the last five years, along with the World Food Day 2024 theme. 

2017: Change The Future Of Migration. Invest In Food Security And Rural Development.

2018: "Our Actions Are Our Future, Ending World Hunger by 2030 is Possible."

2019: "Our Actions Are Our Future, Healthy Diets for A # ZeroHunger World."

2020: "Grow, Nourish, Sustain. Together"

2024: Safe Food Now For A Healthy Tomorrow.


How To Get Involved In World Food Day 2024?


- Give Food To A Local Food Bank

All across the United States, thousands of food banks are taking care of the hunger needs of a lot of people. As per studies, it is found out that 1 in every 7 people in the country is dependent on these food banks as their primary or supplemental food source. These people usually suffer from unemployment or cannot get access to the groceries that they need for a healthy life. So, if you want to get involved in World Food Day 2024, contact these local food banks and distribute some healthy, non-perishable food items.


- Take Part or Host Food Drives

On the occasion of World Food Day 2024, a lot of food drives take place. You can contact them and contribute either in terms of money or food. However, in case you dont know about such food drives, you can also host your own. A food drive will include distributing food to people who are in need. These drives cover different areas so that they can reach as many people as possible. 


- Support small scale farms

Family farms account for 98 percent of all farms in the world. Such farms are known for practicing sustainable agriculture, which includes using native plants, rotating crops, and use of pesticides. This requires enormous investment, which most family farmers cannot make because of the lesser sale of their produce. As a result, they wont be able to make sufficient money that they require for their own survival, and hence, they suffer from malnutrition themselves. With this in mind, on World Food Day 2024, make sure you support such farmers by buying from them. 


- Spread Word About Healthy Eating 

Lack of awareness is another issue because of which millions of people suffer from significant health consequences like malnourishment. This hampers the growth of the body and brain and damages other parts of the body. This is why it is important to draw the attention of people towards this health crisis and raise awareness about healthy eating. To get involved in World Food Day 2024, make sure you teach people the importance of healthy eating, food security, and food availability. 


You are now well equipped with information that you must know about the celebration of World Food Day 2024. This year, take a pledge to raise awareness,  develop agricultural productivity, and improve the lives of people by eradicating hunger. 



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