15 Awesome Benefits of Adding Tomato to Your Daily Diet

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Nov 11,2020

Tomato, the functional food as it is referred to for its unimaginably extraordinary health benefits. This superfood is not only highly nutritious, but it also goes with every food only adding to the taste. It is the powerful antioxidant lycopene that makes tomatoes extremely nutritious in addition to all kinds of food. 

The antioxidant content of tomatoes will help with protecting your body against various deadly diseases including cancer, all types of heart diseases, and diabetes. While tomato is a fruit, we often consider it a vegetable. 

This extremely rich fruit is native to central & southern America and it belongs to the nightshade family. However, it was the Spanish who took the fruit to the notice of people across the globe, today, India is the largest producer of tomatoes. 

There are different varieties of tomatoes -- plum tomatoes, berries, grape tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and beefsteak tomatoes. While among the masses tomatoes are popular for their red color but are available in a variety of colors including purple. 

This family of superfruits is rich in a variety of vitamins & minerals -- Vitamin A, C, B1, B3, B5, B6, B7 & vitamin K. Other than that tomatoes are rich in plenty of minerals including potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, iron, choline, chromium & folate. 

We have created this article to list out the huge number of benefits of tomatoes. Let’s read the full article to discover plenty of health benefits of adding tomatoes to your daily diet. 

Let’s get started:

Astonishing Health benefits of tomatoes

  1. Improves the quality of skin & hair

The lycopene content, which is often used in making skin cleansers, helps your skin look healthy. It repairs the everyday wear & tear of your skin caused due to the prevailing pollution conditions. Apart from using tomatoes in your food, you can peel them off and use the paste as a face mask for the glow. This tomato mask will act as a cleanser & makes your skin give a refreshing look. And, the vitamin A contained in tomatoes helps in repairing the hair tissues giving it a shiny & silky look. 

  1. Good for Your Bones

Bone weakening is common among women. Most people after reaching the age of 30 starts suffering from bone weakening issues. Why do we say, these people must eat a lot of tomatoes -- because this super fruit is rich in calcium & vitamin C, which helps in strengthening your bones. It has been found that a 100-gram of tomato will have 110 mg of calcium content. 

There is no doubt when you eat plenty of tomatoes, your bones will remain healthy & sturdy. And, not only that the vitamin K that you get from this superfood will make your bones work perfectly for a longer period of time. The Lycopene also improves bone density creating a shield against osteoporosis. 

  1. Controls Blood Sugar

There could not be an any better cure for controlling your blood sugar level than adding tomatoes to your daily diet. Tomatoes are rich in chromium, the mineral that works to keep the blood sugar level under control. So, people who are suffering from diabetes must eat as many tomatoes as they can -- it’s a great way of keeping you away from the side-effects of diabetes. 

  1. It’s Anti-Carcinogenic

Researches have proved that the Lycopene content in tomatoes will help in controlling the growth of cancer cells including colorectal cancer, stomach cancer & prostate cancer. And, the more you cook the tomatoes, the more will be the production of lycopene -- unlike other fruits & vegetables, there is no harm in cooking tomatoes.

  1. It Helps Your Heart

Tomatoes are surprisingly also quite helpful in keeping your heart healthy. Vitamin A, B& the potassium are extremely helpful in keeping control of the cholesterol level in your body. They are also great for curing a number of heart diseases. So, make sure you are loading every dish you cook with a lot of tomatoes. It will only take care of your heart even when nobody else will. 

  1. Repairs Damages from Smoking

The chlorogenic acid & the coumaric acid present in tomatoes are extremely helpful in protecting against the extremely bad effects of smoking including for passive smokers. While it may not help you with quitting smoking, eating a lot of tomatoes will help with protecting you from a number of deadly side-effects of smoking. In addition to tomatoes, kiwi is also a very effective food when it comes to keeping the side effects of smoking cigarettes at bay. 

  1. It’s a Great Antioxidant

The various vitamins & phytonutrients including lycopene are considered to have amazing antioxidant properties. This lycopene is extremely helpful in deactivating the singlet oxygen or the negative effects of the harmful free radical. The vitamin A vitamin C content of tomatoes are also helpful to a great extent in getting rid of the free radicals. But, one thing you need to take here is that -- to make sure your body absorbs vitamin C, you must eat tomatoes in their raw form. Try cutting slices of tomatoes for better results!

  1. Take care of the digestive system

Tomatoes are extremely helpful for your digestive system & liver. Tomatoes are rich in fiber that help to cure many digestive problems including constipation. So, at the end of the day, the lesson is that -- if you have eaten something spicy, you can take a slice of tomato and eat in its raw form. This will help clean your digestive system and thereby fight a number of diseases. 

  1. Strengthens your immune system

Since tomatoes are extremely rich in vitamin C, a cup of tomato juice can help with strengthening your immune system. In addition to that, vitamin C is also extremely helpful in keeping the level of stress hormones in control and thereby keeping you healthy & enthusiastic. Drink tomato juice every day to enhance your immunity. 

  1. Helps with Weight loss

If you have been trying to lose those extra calories and have not included tomatoes in your daily diet -- you are doing it wrong. Tomatoes help in weight loss by encouraging the production of Carnitine, the amino acids. These amino acids are responsible for enhancing the body’s fat-burning abilities to as much as 30 percent. One tomato a day makes a man thin & attractive. 

  1. Prevent Kidney Stones and Gallstones

Tomatoes are surprisingly helpful in preventing gallstones & kidney stones. Per one of the studies, it has been proved that people who have a habit of eating tomatoes without seeds are more likely not to develop kidney stones or Gallstones. 

Some more health benefits of eating tomatoes:

  1. Reduces Chronic Pain

  2. Improves Vision

  3. Helps in fighting Cancer

  4. Helps during Pregnancy


While we most often consider tomatoes a vegetable they are super-nutritious fruits that are native to central & southern America. They are extremely nutritious and help in keeping different parts of the human body healthy & sturdy. Tomatoes keep your heart healthy, enhances digestion, helps in controlling blood sugar & more. And, they are easy to eat -- incorporate this extremely healthy fruit in fresh, dried, or paste form. It’s going to be adding to your healthy life regimen in all forms!


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