5 Expert Diet Hacks to get Good Physique

Man with good physique

If you think nutritionists and dietitians eat nothing but raw veggies and water then youre mistaken. They fight cravings, enjoy dessert and love dining out like anyone else. They, however, also know a few insider tricks that you dont know. Getting a good physique does not always mean that you have to leave all your favorite diet all the time. There are some of the smarter ways in which you can get what you want and however you want. Check out some of the expert diet hacks to get physique easily without having to sacrifice any of your favorite things.

Be A Smart Chocolate Eater

Muscular man eating dark chocolate
Heres the trick to eating chocolate. Dont touch the candy bars. Take one tablespoon of dark chocolate chips and mix it with a snack-sized bag (almost 1.5 ounces) of dried fruit and mixed unsalted nuts. That way you get your chocolate without overdoing the portion size.
This also gives you the added benefit of the healthy fat and protein in the nuts and keeps you feeling more stable because the protein helps to fill you. Ergo, you will also eat fewer calories while still feeding your need for chocolate. Be careful to choose nuts that are dry roasted or raw so that you avoid any added fat or sugar.

Enjoy Comfort Food Prepared In A Healthy Manner 

Everyone likes comfort food. The catch is to prepare it in a healthy manner. Consider something such as Alfredo sauce. Rather than prepare it the normal way with all the fat and calories, use blended cauliflower in place of cream. This will not only reduce your calorie count but also throw in some vitamins for good measure.

Know Your Menu Lingo

Almost everyone already knows to avoid fried foods But the experts will tell you to be careful about how dishes are prepared too. Watch for foods that are braised or sauted. These cooking techniques can be significantly fat-laden. While most oils do contain healthy fats when oils have approximately 2,000 calories in each cup, you have to watch portions or youre in trouble. Look for something on the menu that is baked, grilled or poached.

Love Butter? Try Avocado

If you want to be healthier while you watch your weight just replace butter with mashed avocado. One example replaces two tablespoons of butter with two tablespoons of mashed avocado in a cookie recipe and you save 174 calories. You also lower the saturated fat content by 14 grams. Since the fat in avocados is healthy monounsaturated fat, you have also made this recipe more heart healthy as well. As always, watch the specific portion size.

Say Cheese

Another good hack is to substitute low-fat (one percent) cottage cheese for other fatty, creamy ingredients in recipes. Ricotta, for example, is normally rich in full-fat cheeses and contains a significant quantity of salt and calories. 
Substituting low-fat cottage cheese not only drops the fat and calorie content but actually preserves the flavor too.
You can also use it in various dips and recipes that call for mayonnaise. In the latter case, you simply put the cottage cheese in a blender until its smooth. If salt is an issue for you then you may also want to make sure your low-fat cottage cheese is low-sodium too.

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