Some Side Effects of Table Salt You Must Know

Salt scattered on black surface

Table salt is the most important ingredient in the dishes. Without the use of it, you would not even want to touch the dishes in front of you. Doctors and medical persons often recommend eating a limited amount of Table salt as more quantity of it can be dangerous for health. For people with high blood pressure and osteoporosis, High consumption of table salt is a strict no.  The FDA recommends eating 2,300 mg of table salt or roughly1 teaspoon per day. But you must cut on this too to remain healthy and well. Some of the side effects of Table salt includes its impact on the Kidneys, blood Pressure and heart. So, check out the side effects of table salt in the following article.

How is the consumption of Excessive Table Salt Harmful?

Most of the People these days are aware of the results of excessive use of sugar in their diet but very few of them actually know about the side effects having too much salt in their diet. The excessive intake of salt disrupts the electrolyte balance in the body and lead to various complications given below. The Side effects of Table Salt supersedes that of the sugar in the diet. It directly impacts various organs of the body and can produce deadly results like: Kidney stones and improper functioning of kidneys, Edema, Dehydration, High blood pressure, Osteoporosis.

So, you would require cutting back on the consumption of table salt to around 1,500mgs or 2/3rd of a teaspoon of salt per day if you are over age of 50 or have high or slightly elevated blood pressure or have symptoms of diabetes or are from African American origin. So, here are some of the Side effects of Table Salt-

Kidney Disorder One of the major Side Effects of Table Salt

The major function of Kidneys includes keeping up with the salt in the body. They excrete the excessive salts and minerals from the body. The amount of water retained in the bloodstream gets regulated through this process, the rest of them get released as urine. If you consume extra sodium in the foods, the Kidneys will have to work harder to effectively separate the fluid waste. This might result in the retention of water in the blood stream. Prolonged process of improper filtration can lead to number of complication including the calcium in the urine. This will eventually form the Kidney Stone in the Urinary tract or lead to Weakening of Kidney as well.

High Blood Pressure Problems

High Blood Pressure is another result of the excessive sodium in the food and blood stream. This problem is related with the Problems arising in the Kidney. If the kidney is not functioning well, the water will get retained in the body leading to increased volume of blood in the body. the high volume of water will lead to high blood pressure and increased risk of stroke, heart attack and heart failure as well. It is therefore that people with history of hypertension in the family are told not to take excessive salt consumption.


As wed mentioned earlier, excessive sodium intake hampers the filtration process of the kidneys, which could lead to the build-up of calcium crystals in the urine. When excessive calcium is lost through urination, your bones don't get enough of the mineral to maintain bone density. In fact, if calcium is in short supply in the blood, the body might leach it out of the bones. Over time this could lead to osteoporosis, a condition where bones become weak and brittle. This effect is more likely to happen in postmenopausal women.

The Bottom Line

There are various other complications caused by excessive salt in the diet. The problems range from Obesity to Dementia to Stomach Cancer depending upon the immunity of the body. hence you must always contain the intake of salt in the diet and remain unaffected from Side Effects of table Salt.

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