Explore The Travel Destination Of The Year 2023: Costa Rica

Author: Yash

Costa Rica is one of those destinations that give tourists some of the most incredible sights around the planet. Tourists can experience rugged jungles, world-class beaches, and active volcanoes. This nation is also the perfect destination for ecotourism. Discover one of Latin America's natural wonders with this amazing blog exploring the destination of the year.


What does Costa Rica have to offer?


Costa Rica is a part of Latin America well-known for its rich jungle atmosphere. Tourists can go to one of the best beaches in the country in Dominical and Jaco. They can visit La Fortuna, which has an active volcano. They can also stroll around one of the most popular destinations in the nation, Monteverde.

Costa Rica extends with natural glory from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea, owning hundreds of miles of stunning coastline. The scintillating culture, the wonders of nature, great adventures, and beautiful tropical beaches are all components of a perfect vacation. The nation has canals, museums, hot springs, and diverse wildlife.




  • The destination highlights some incredible natural attractions, including La Fortuna and the Manuel Antonio National Park. 
  • The Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve has been named one of the world's most biodiverse regions. It houses a unique tropical ecosystem.
  • Go to the spectacular La Fortuna and wander at the active volcano there.


Where should you go for a vacation in Costa Rica?


Check out all the attractions below for a wonderful trip to this exotic nation!


1. Monteverde Cloud Forest


This has been named one of the most biodiverse regions in the world. It houses a unique tropical ecosystem. Tourists can trek through the virgin forests. You'll be amazed to spot various animals, including amphibians, sloths, monkeys, and birds. Go out searching for the unique plumage and see the Hummingbird Gallery. You'll see these energetic birds sipping on nectar and buzzing around. The reserve has excellent trails for walking and hiking, one of which takes you to the continental divide. On a clear day, the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans can be seen! In addition to that, there are definitely some really interesting activities around Santa Elena that will keep you entertained. From the suspension bridges along the skywalks above the forest canopy to the famous zip lines over the cloud forest, the nature-spotting twilight walks, and the horse treks, there's something for everyone.

Apart from that, there are also sugarcane and coffee plantations. There's also the beautiful Orchid Garden and Butterfly Garden you can visit. Be conscious while putting up your clothes; the temperature is usually high during the day, so you must wear something light. Also, we recommend you keep the hiking and rain gear because there might be chances of frequent showers, particularly during summer.


2. La Fortuna


La Fortuna is called the sleepy rural town in Costa Rica. One of the most visited tourist spots in La Fortuna is the Arenal Volcano. It's been found to be constantly erupting between 1968 and 2010. This place is quite close to the town, and you can easily travel to this place. Visit the exhilarating waterfalls and partake in adventurous activities of rappelling, caving, and much more. Apart from that, there are plenty of things to do here, including wildlife spotting, biking, horse-riding, kayaking, canoeing, and trekking.


3. Manuel Antonio National Park


The Manuel Antonio National Park has some of the most diverse wildlife in the nation. Visitors can enjoy a serene boat trip to the Damas Island Estuary. You can navigate the mangrove swamps and kayak during the trip through little waterways. And you can't afford to miss the captivating wildlife that includes caimans, boas, and 200 other species of birds. This beautiful park has many palm-fringed beaches, attractive lagoons, lush green forests, and a vast array of animals. Some animals found in the park include pelicans, sloths, huge iguanas, and white-faced monkeys. And Manuel Antonio is also famously known for its pristine & beautiful beaches. It's an amazing feeling to lie down on the sunbathe and sands, snorkeling in the nearby reefs. And, if you want more adventure, go hiking through one of the well-marked trails of the park. And, if you are lucky enough, you will see the unique capuchin monkey.


4. Dominical


This place is a haven for tropical backpackers and one of the top locations in the nation for surfing. The town has long been renowned for its lovely bohemian vibe, serene open-air eateries, beautiful hotels and residences, and lively beaches. The place also attracts a high-end crowd because of the premium rentals, small inns, resorts, and the surrounding mountains. There is a long stretch of beach in front and behind the town. Vendors set up their tables under the refuge of shady trees and sell crafts and other materials. In the recent past, the dirt streets have been carefully paved, the sidewalks have been bricked, and the formerly dusty beach location has become a refined tourist location.


Other beaches do not attract huge crowds outside of the town. You can find your own special place there. The town is great for spotting wildlife without going too far into civilization. The common sights that are present right in the town of Dominical include scarlet macaws, sloths, monkeys, and toucans. The annual Envision Festival is here in late February or early March. This event mainly focuses on sustainability, wellness, arts, and music. It also includes activities such as yoga and various other workshops.


5. Jaco


This place is a great choice for tourists who want to get out of San Jose but still require the amenities and comforts of a bigger city or town. The beach here has an active vibe and is quite pleasant and spacious. The swimming and surfing that are done here are quite good. There are smaller waves here than in the other areas in this section of the coast. What makes Jaco special and sets it apart from the various coastal towns present along this stretch of the Pacific are the modern conveniences that have made it a favorite choice with retirees and expats. 

This includes apartments and stores, a great selection of hotels and restaurants, and other modern conveniences. Jaco is within driving distance of San Jose and can be reached easily. Tourists can also set up their base here during their vacations and explore the nearby attractions and beaches.


6. The National Theater in San Jose


The people of this nation take great pride in their National Theater. It is known to be one of the most impressive monuments in the city. During the late 1800s, the ruling coffee barons of the nation voted for a tax on coffee exports to fund the theater's construction. Numerous European artisans were imported to design the building. The building was completed in 1897 and had a classical Renaissance columned faade topped by statues that symbolize fame, music, and dance.


In the interiors, the pink marble foyer has allegorical figures of tragedy and comedy. There are also painted murals depicting various themes overlooking Costa Rican life. The most popular of the paintings present here is the one representing coffee harvesting and export, which was painted by Arturo Fontana.




Costa Rica is a country filled with natural wonders. Visitors can experience and enjoy the amazing marine life, experience stunning panoramic views and encounter the spectacular wildlife in one of the many National Parks present in this country. Costa Rica has every attraction that modern-day tourists may want out of their vacation to an exotic location. This nation is truly one of the gems of Latin America.

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