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Author: Megha Agarwal on Dec 28,2021

With almost 70 ships in their fleet, Viking River Cruises is one of the best river cruises in the world. The river cruise line first entered the cruising domain in 1997 with four vessels in Europe. The cruise line quickly expanded across not just the European markets but also the American cruising markets. The brand today offers both - river and ocean cruising options. 


In this article, Leisure has conducted a detailed overview of the Viking River Cruises and what makes them one of the best river cruises in the world


Leisure’s Viking River Cruises Review 



No matter how large their ocean fleet is, Viking cruises are almost synonymous with river cruises. The cruise line is leading the river cruise market almost single-handedly. This Viking Cruises review discusses how it started and what made the company superior over time. 


About The Cruise Line 


With over 60 ships, the Viking Cruise Line is a multi-award-winning cruise line and the most extensive river cruise line in the world. The ships are Viking’s signature longships designed to navigate some of the most famous rivers around Europe. These ships also offer people easy access to various iconic destinations, really up-close and personal. 


Viking cruise ships can accommodate approximately 190 passengers on almost all the ships, with a few exceptions. All the ships have a wide variety of stateroom options. Some of them are two-room suites with verandahs. Communal areas on the ship include a sundeck, bars and lounges, a restaurant, and even a library for those looking to catch up on their vacation reading. 


The design, innovation, and environment-friendly features make these river cruises one of the best river cruises in the world. These features make Viking river cruises genuinely stand out from the rest. The cruise ships also come loaded with solar panels, hybrid engines, and even organic herb gardens. 


Viking cruises are also set apart by their unique combination of enthusiastic crew members, the gorgeous scenery you can catch up on, the ship’s innovative and thoughtful designs, and its food. The ship’s itinerary is also excellent, indeed something to look forward to. 


Aboard the cruise line


Now that you know that an average Viking Longship can house approximately 190 passengers, you should also know about how the ship looks on the inside. 


The ships feature exquisite Scandinavian decors with spacious rooms and large verandahs. The theme is almost the same indoors and in the alfresco dining room. Onboard you will also find a herb garden that offers your dishes the extra flavor they need. These flavors and herbs are often inspired by the city you are sailing to. 


Viking River cruises are known as a “thinking person’s” cruise line. The cruise line caters to travelers who are extremely curious about exploring new ideas and new places. Itineraries for the cruise ship involve unique experiences, complimentary shore excursions, onboard libraries, excellent lectures on history and art, local menus, and some of the best experiences you can immerse yourself into. 


Royal Treatment 


The very minute you step foot onboard, the Viking cruises and its crew start treating you royally. It’s almost as if you stepped into a portal and entered a whole new world. 


But, coming back to the cruise ship, the decor onboard is spectacular. The crew on the ship is trained impeccably. Music is soothing and tasteful. All these factors and the overall environment give birth to an ambiance that will strip all the stress away from your life. It is almost as if the ship is directly talking to you and telling you that you deserve all the pampering. You have worked hard off the ship; you should sit back and relax here! 


The ship is magnificent. However, the crew’s attentiveness towards you sets the Viking river cruises apart from its competitors. Every morning you will be greeted personally, by your name, your breakfast, and other requirements will be taken care of.


Viking Cruises - Pros & Cons



1. Some of the best itineraries of all river cruises in and around Europe, Egypt, Russia, and Asia 

2. Cutting-edge amenities

3. Cultural programs like onboard historical lectures, art programs, folk performances, and wine tasting 

4. Free shore tours with local guides

5. Other optional tours for a more in-depth experience and exploration 

6. Delectable food options onboard 

7. Some of the most amazing choices for staterooms when compared to other river cruise lines

8. Free WiFi and complimentary coffee 

9. Value for money 



1. No pool area 

2. No gym, spa, and sauna

3. Since river cruising is so popular today, you might find yourself in the middle of other ship’s crowds as well

4. WiFi could be slow sometimes


Popular Destinations on the Viking River Cruises



Viking river cruises offer cruising options in and around Europe, Egypt, Asia, and China. These cruises can last between 8-24 days. But in those days, they will truly take you on a journey of a lifetime to some of the most iconic rivers and locales. You can explore multiple sites and take in all the soothing sights around Elbe, Danube, Rhine, Yangtse, and Mekong rivers. You can also explore areas around the Nile river or look at the intrinsic network of lakes, rivers, and canals around Western Russia. 


The river cruise’s journey starts in Europe. It takes you to some of the most popular destinations like Amsterdam, Budapest, Basel, Bavaria, and Bohemia. The ship will also allow you to finally explore the Russian Golden Ring, France’s wine regions. And of course, you get to explore and take in the music and culture of central European towns as well. 


Apart from these European river itineraries, the Viking cruise line also offers other holiday options. During the holiday season, the Viking cruises take their passengers along the European waterways to make you visit some of the best Christmas markets along the route. Viking Cruises cannot get better than this! 


How much do Viking river cruises can cost?


The best part about the best river cruises in the world is that you can just sail into the heart of your desired destination. Even when these destinations are located far away, river cruises will take you there in the internal locations! 


Viking river cruises are generous; they are luxury hotels/resorts floating across the most beautiful rivers around the world. They will offer you everything you can think of from a regular resort/hotel, of course, with the added perk of taking you to your destinations. 


Prices for the Viking river cruises can vary depending on your desired destination. The costs for these cruises can fall between $1,699-$4,999. There are few options available in Europe that can easily be availed under $2,000 aboard one of the best river cruises in the world. So, when in Europe, opt for these cruises. They can be surprisingly affordable. Other options available in Egypt, Asia, and Russia can be pricey, costing around $3,400.


Of course, for obvious reasons, the longer cruise ships of the whole fleet will be pricey. The setup is pretty straightforward, making the Viking river cruises one of the best river cruises in the world, worth every single penny.


Final Words  

Viking cruise line is an excellent choice where your peculiarities and particularism are worshipped. You get precisely what you wish from a cruise line, worth every penny you have spent. Viking’s simplicity and minimalism set it apart from other river cruises and make it one of the best river cruises in the world. Of course, it also makes it one of the most affordable river cruises as well.



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