Why You should Consider Affordable River Cruises for Your Next Vacation

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Affordable river cruises are the latest trend. The itineraries offered by river cruises are luxurious, budget-friendly, and comfortable. They are quite different from ocean/sea cruises. However, these are more affordable and also have spacious rooms as well as smaller passenger capacity. These are the more extravagant ways to travel. The affordable river cruises are top-rated amongst European destinations and are rising amongst Asian and American destinations. River cruises are not ideal for families.


River cruises sail at a slow pace for travelers to soak in the sightlines. It is a highly calm experience. For those looking for rest and rejuvenation after long workdays, affordable river cruises are an option for you.


1. No packing and unpacking


Cruise ship interior


When aboard the affordable river cruises, you simply have to unpack at once. Traveling from one place to another requires us to travel from one point to another. In that scenario, we have to pack up bags and haul them up to different hotels. However, in the case of affordable river cruises, you simply have to unpack once in your private cabin. You can store clothing and other materials in the cupboard and go touring.


2. Visit a new place every day!


River cruises have the potential to be just as popular as sea/ ocean cruises. And they are here to stay. The reason behind this is the fact that river cruises stop at a new city every day. The itinerary is extensive. It allows you to visit several different places at once. The cruises stop at each port for you to explore the city while you are there. You can see your favorite destinations all at once, such as Spain, France, and Portugal, on a European cruise. Asian Cruises to Vietnam, China, and Cambodia is an option too. Some of the best leisure travel packages suggest river cruises for a European vacation.


3. Comfortable Accommodation




River Cruises are also known as floating hotels. The accommodation onboard the affordable river cruises comes in various sizes and styles. Most of these are four-star and five-star rooms and suites. You can always customize your rooms as per your needs and budget. You can view the changing landscapes from the ship. You can sit by the balconies and soak up the sun while taking in the European magnificence. The affordable river cruises can be customized as per your itinerary as well. Many of them last up to eight days. Others are either longer or shorter. Best leisure travel packages for river cruises ensure that you get the best accommodation at a competitive price.


4. Onshore activities


As per your affordable river cruises itinerary, you will have several opportunities to visit the famous ports. Either independently or with the guides that you can arrange beforehand. Cruise companies partner with local guides to provide personal tours. These guides can take you through markets, castles, museums, etc. The guides also educate you about the local history, the culture, and the heritage of the location.


5. Food choices are Lavish


Dining Room in cruise ship


The culinary arts and the delicious wine are the best part of European vacations that none can deny. If you are a foodie who is looking to experience the different cuisines, then go for river cruises.   


The food provided on river cruises is gourmet and tasteful. Many Michelin-star restaurants deliver food to the affordable river cruises. Michelin-star restaurants are hard to get into. Not to mention the food prices and booking charges may cost you more than planned. However, on a river cruise, you can enjoy these 5-star meals with all the other inclusive benefits that come with it. And by that, we mean alcohol.


Top-shelf wine and beer are the bonus on the cruise vacation. Not to mention, many of these cruises match with the theme of travel. Meaning if you are cruising through Southern Germany, you can sip on Bordeaux along with a Bavarian feast and chocolate delicacies.


6. Intimate experience


These are exclusively built by companies with casinos, bars, theatres, etc., and the ship sizes are between 50 passengers to 200 passengers. These can be used for several occasions like birthday parties, friendly events, elegant and refined events. Some even hold weddings on these affordable river cruises.


River cruises are ideal for couples, however. Those seeking to pursue romance can pick one of the best leisure travel packages for river cruises. The couples do not have to worry about children barging around while on their European getaway.


7. Relaxed Journey


Cruise Guest Relaxing in the Deckchairs  under the Sun


River cruises are ideal for the type of travelers who are not in a hurry. Who are simply there to enjoy the view while sailing on the calm waters, tasting new culinary delights, and exploring recent locations. The spacious river cruises ensure that you get the best out of the price you put in. River cruises also have several activities onboard for travelers to enjoy. This is what makes affordable river cruises one of the best leisure travel packages to go for.


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8. Personalized services


Cruise services on sea or oceans are not highly personalized.  Cruises have a vast capacity for carrying passengers. The staff cannot possibly attend to every person at a moments notice. It takes them a while to help you out.


However, on affordable river cruises, the concierge services care for each of your needs immediately. They even go beyond to make your travel more comfortable. The first-time traveler who goes for the best leisure travel packages on affordable river cruises are surprised by the quality of services. Baristas even remember your coffee orders, and restaurants keep in check with your unique needs.


Smaller ships simply have better services. Since the crew and passengers are fewer, the service is more personalized. You will get better services at the fitness center, pool, bar, spa, etc. And since the river cruises sail slowly, these mean no or less motion sickness. You won't even feel the cruise moving half the time. Best leisure travel packages suggest river cruises for this reason as well.


9. Older passengers on the cruise


Affordable river cruises have the distinct advantages of being less crowded and noisy. On any traditional river cruise, you will see that people are there with families, minus the kids. (Mother, father, grandparents, older siblings, etc.)


Travelers under 13 are not a common sight on river cruises. Mainly because these cruises are not made for families, the entertainment programs are more adult-centric. Other activities like rock climbing, water slides, etc., are not possible on the river either. These are the main attractions for kids and are usually nowhere to be found.


The audience also includes the old and retired who are out to have some fun and explore new places after a long time. So, if you wish to be left alone in peace, river cruises are ideal for you.


However, there are river cruises that specifically target families. But family-friendly may not imply budget-friendly.




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