Top 10 Tips Every First-Time Cruiser Must Know

After booking a cruise vacation, you must be thinking of taking a few advice and tips from the ones who already have Caribbean Cruise experience. The crazy for the Caribbean Cruise vacation is becoming high among people but many of you don’t know what things to consider before going for cruising. To end this common problem, we have covered you with some super cool tips that will help you in your first cruise voyage. 


Before setting off for a Caribbean cruise vacation for the first time, you should be aware of some cardinal points that will be shared in this article. Sailing on the first cruise offers a few significant discoveries during Caribbean Cruise travel. So read on to get revealed to some quintessentially important tips that will help you get the most out of your cruise vacation.


1. A Thorough Research About The Ports



Research is key to any problem when you are traveling to different places for the first time. Be it an experienced cruiser or a first-time cruiser, it has often been noticed that many of the cruisers get bewildered when they get off on the ports. If you have done enough research on the ports, you will make the best cruising experience out of it. Else, you might end up in a place where you don’t know what to do and what to not. Therefore, it is quintessential to know about the ports in advance, so that you can best utilize the time in the new place. 


Important Tip: Try to research the places for shopping, art, and cultural programs, traditional cuisines, and adventurous activities. 


2. Pre Book Adventurous Shore Excursions



Shore excursions are the perfect way to get an idea of the culture that a country has. A well-planned vacation is more enjoyable than an unplanned excursion as it will certainly make your day in the new country. Pre Booking shore excursions such as snorkeling, ziplining, mountain climbing, cliff-diving, scuba diving, etc, can save a lot of time and money. Often, many cruisers who reach the destination to experience some shore excursions have to wait in a long queue for their turn. Moreover, they might have to pay extra for the shore excursions due to heavy footfall. However, pre-booking your shore excursions will assure your budget is being spent appropriately and this is how you can do budgeting your Caribbean cruise vacation smartly. 


Important Tip: Ask your travel agent to book in advance to avoid the hassle of standing in a queue. You can also book the excursions online if you have not hired any travel agent.


3. Pack Your Bags Smartly



Some cruisers think that sailing on a cruise would give them access to extra luggage; however, it is a wrong interpretation. Packing bags smartly and wisely plays a vital role when cruising since they will be your companion wherever you go. Therefore, it is necessary to pack light-weight, water-proof clothes in your bags that will keep your luggage light and it will be easy to carry as well. Swimsuits, waterproof jackets, and light-weight outfits are must-haves of your luggage when planning a Caribbean Cruise vacation. So, don’t forget to add these to your bag, and when it comes to footwear packing, slippers, and sneakers are must-pack items. 


Important Tip: Keep a pair of stylish slippers, sneakers, and canvas will be the wise choice for packing your bags smartly.


4. Arrive A Day Before Your Departure 



When you travel to a new city or traveling for the first time, you tend to get late due to several reasons. Be it unknown to the places, or settling down in the new atmosphere, travelers might end up missing out on their few shore excursions. Therefore, it is highly recommended to be at the Cruise port before the time to skip the delay. Even if you have a cruise departure late in the evening, don’t reply on arriving at the last minute. If you fail to arrive on time, the cruise will not leave without you. 


Important Tip: Try to reach the port, a day or three hours before to avoid the hassle of running late for boarding the cruise. This way, you will enjoy your cruise vacation from the beginning.


5. Enable Airplane Mode 



It is not hidden that International roaming rates cost you in dollars. Whether you make a call to your beloved ones, or not, these roaming rates will certainly punch a big hole in your pocket. Therefore, it is recommended to take a travel-worthy phone plan if you wish to disable “Airplane Mode''. This is the perfect way to shun the shocking cell phone bills that comes with your travel to a foreign land. 


Important Tip: The best way to avoid unwanted charges is to enable “Airplane Mode” on your cell phone. 


6. Don’t Assume The Fares, Be Aware Of Them 



On most of the Caribbean Cruises Travel, the cruise fare includes daily meals, accommodation, on-board adventurous activities, and theatre entertainment. Apart from all these, some cruisers assume that they will be entertained with free drinks. Precisely, a welcome drink is included in the cruise fare only. Besides, all you have to pay for in case you want to have shore excursions, port charges, drinks, etc. Depending upon your cruise package, the cost of drinks can be adjusted in the cruise ticket. Hence, it is necessary to check with the cruise line before you set sail on a Caribbean Cruise. This will cut down the amount of hassle you would face when you settle your bill.


Important Tip: To have a better sense of understanding of what’s included in the cruise fare, it is necessary to check with the cruise line or with your travel agent who is booking the cruise for you.


 7. Mark Your Top Priorities 



For first-time cruisers, it becomes quite hard to pick the activities they want to enjoy on the Caribbean cruise vacation. On each day of your cruise travel, you will get a detailed itinerary of the cruise, which includes scheduled onboard activities, dance & performances, movies, and many more events. An array of options can be overwhelming, but you have to pay attention to the details while marking your top choices on the cruise. Therefore, you have to smartly pick out the options that won’t disturb your mealtime, and spa time. With the spa sessions, you can relax your mind and soul with the soothing fragrance of the essential oils. Relaxing on the board under the sun is a different experience altogether, so don’t forget to hit the swimming pool, while sipping on the pool-side drinks.


Important Tip: Pick your best activities first from the itinerary and push back the least-interested activities for later hours of the day.


8. Match Your Time 



Different ports have different time zones and if you don’t want to be left behind, ensure to match your time with the ports’ time zones. First-time cruisers must understand the importance of timing if they want to explore every place of the ports in the given time. Hence, it should be your prior responsibility to match your timings with the cruises’ timings to avoid delay. Otherwise, the cruise will not wait for you and leave the port without you. 


Important Tip: The cruisers must board the cruise at least 30 minutes before the departure of the cruise. 


9. Food Is Not Allowed To Take Off The Cruise



When in the port, do not take any food item off the cruise as it is against the cruise rules. If you want to take anything for a picnic, only sealed items, such as chocolates, gummies, candies, and jellies are allowed. Fresh vegetables and fruits, baked items, meat, cheeses,  seeds, and nuts are strictly restricted off the cruise. Certain ports have sniffer dogs security to check if the things are in place. 


Important Tip: Keep in mind that food items are not permitted to take off the cruise, so do not stuff your bag with food items as they will be checked by the security.


10. Carry A Handy Bag That Carries Necessities 


Last but certainly not least, it happens with most of the cruisers that they reach the port before their luggage reaches their cabins. If you are traveling with family, especially with kids, you are required to have certain items intact such as medications, snacks, and milk products. Even if you are traveling with your partner or solo, you need to keep a check on the phone chargers, laptops, and documents. Hence, carrying a handy bag with some essential items will reduce the stress of waiting for the luggage to arrive. This will also lead you to go anywhere you want without the fuss of dragging heavy luggage along.


Important Tip: Always make a room for a bag that will carry some of your essentials, such as documents, camera, medications, snacks, and phone chargers. Keep your necessities at easy reach with this useful carry bag. 


If you are cruising for the first time, you must consider the aforementioned tips before you set sail on a Caribbean Cruise. These useful tips will certainly help you throughout your cruise vacation. Get. Set. Sail!

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