Enjoy the Bets of Zimbabwe in this signature 10-Days Zimbabwe Safari Itinerary

This 10-day great Zimbabwe safari is a festival of African safari's various circle, taking you to five goals that are unmistakable as far as scene, environment, natural life, exercises, and extravagances. You will encounter the lavishness of a private Huge Five save, Malilangwe, in the southeast of the nation, for an ideal prologue to safari. Move beside some daring days spent in Gonarezhou, a recreation centre that once in a while observes human eyes. The lavish wetlands of Mana Pools are then a total differentiation to the scattered forests and semi-dry fields of Hwange. Victoria Falls gives a definitive consummation point, one of the world's seven regular miracles showing a ground-breaking exhibit of a land untamed. 

Zimbabwe Safari Package Highlights:

  • Journey into the unchartered region with an entire day amusement drive in Gonarezhou National Stop, an undertaking that will be brimming with experience and unusual experiences
  • Explore the otherworldly wetland of Mana Pools and the bounteous untamed life on diversion drives, strolls, and exercises on the water
  • Immerse yourself in the realm of the elephants as you investigate the acacia forests and teak backwoods of Hwange National Stop
  • Spot the huge felines consistently all through your safari, with the open fields of Hwange giving an extraordinary opportunity to see them stalking and chasing their prey
  • Cruise the Zambezi Waterway at nightfall and watch the hues swell off the water, one of Zimbabwe's most famous encounters
  • Feast your eyes and your ears on Victoria Falls, the Zimbabwean side of the scene making for strange photographs of rainbows in the shower
  • Fly between the parks and holds on the light aeroplane, the sped up adventures additionally giving exciting perspectives over the nation's scenes
  • Tailor your safari program all through, profiting from Zimbabwe's trademark adaptability and a decent variety


10-Days Zimbabwe Safari Vacation at a Glance:

  • Day 1: Landing in Johannesburg and Exchange to Malilangwe Natural life Hold
  • Day 2 and Day 3: Malilangwe Natural life Hold – Huge Five Safari in Gonarezhou National Stop
  • Day 4 and Day 5: Mana Pools National Stop – Strolling Safaris, Journeys on the Water, and the Excellence of the African Wetlands
  • Day 6, 7 and Day 8: Makalolo Concession (Hwange National Stop) – Trailing Elephants through Acacia Forests and Teak Timberlands, Predator Chasing Prey on Meadows
  • Day 9: Victoria Falls – Quiet Cruising on the Zambezi and Victoria Falls
  • Day 10: Victoria Falls – Loosened up Day on the Waterway before Flight

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Landing in Johannesburg and Exchange to Malilangwe Natural life Save 

You will change planes at O. R. Tambo Global in Johannesburg, flying north to this savannah in the southeast of Zimbabwe. Mixed drinks and champagne are served on your first evening amusement drive as outlined creatures elegance the display as you eat, and you just need to sit back on the gallery to appreciate huge numbers of the landmass' creatures as the hotel investigates a floodlit waterhole that is populated all through day and night. 


Day 2 and Day 3: Malilangwe Natural life Save – Enormous Five Safari in Gonarezhou National Stop 

The calendar will be adaptable as you may wish to lie in after your adventure to Africa. Exercises can be custom-made to your vitality levels, however, it merits going ahead something like one amusement drive looking for these venerated warm-blooded creatures. Short shrub strolls are a plausibility, and it is conceivable to continue investigating in obscurity with an evening time safari about the unusual and magnificent of the savannah. Malilangwe's straightforwardness originates from its minimized size as you won't require long or brave exercises to begin detecting the symbols. Or maybe, you frequently simply need to kick back and watch the show from your private hotel verandah or dive pool. So splash up the extravagance, tick off the well-known sights, and step by step tune your faculties to the wild. 

On a principal couple of days, you will end up shooting each elephant, ceasing at every zebra, and getting a kick out of each new species revealed. In any case, your safari is about environment and drenching, about encircle yourself with nature's theatre, not realizing what will occur straightaway. Gonarezhou shares an unfenced fringe with Malilangwe and stretches over a tremendous zone, running into South Africa and Mozambique. The locale is wild and untamed, and the creatures' conduct is tinged with animosity and aggressiveness. With no changeless cabins, this is one of Africa's last big-game outskirts, for the most part, unexplored and unquestionably not comprehended by the human world. 


Day 4 and Day 5: Mana Pools National Stop – Strolling Safaris, Outings on the Water, and the Excellence of the African Wetlands 

These two days are completely adaptable, and after an initial diversion drive, the aides will plot the distinctive exercises. In all parks, you should be in a vehicle for experiencing the ruthless felines as strolling just isn't sheltered. Be that as it may, pontoon and kayak safaris give a one of a kind point of view of the carnivores not seen from above but rather from eye level. A lion pride gazes straight back at you, maybe a cheetah or hyena may slip quietly only ten meters away, or an elephant squirts water, and you are simply out of range. In Mana Pools, speedboat safaris can get you near a bigger number of creatures, however, a kayak safari approaches quietly to bring a much more noteworthy dimension of closeness. 


Day 6, 7 and Day 8: Makalolo Concession (Hwange National Stop) – Trailing Elephants through Acacia Forests and Teak Backwoods, Predator Chasing Prey on Prairies 

You will move from a scene of bounty to one of shortage, where the fight for survival thunders in your face. Prairies turn darker, the acacia clean is bulldozed somewhere around elephants and shallow skillet wilt in the dry season sun. Some way or another, Hwange is home to one of Africa's greatest centralizations of untamed life. Hwange symbolizes the problematic parity of nature as so much can endure, however just the elephants and wild ox genuinely appear to flourish. As Zimbabwe's biggest and most well-known stop, some 3.4 million sections of land of wild are yours to investigate. Keeping the experienced elite, you will remain in the private Makalolo Concession with your extravagance rose camp open to nature's sounds and the savannah as your own play area. 

Out on the fields, you can see many creatures in a solitary view. The gazelle and zebra touch in the open, their sentinels pricking their ears to distinguish a ruthless risk. Over these parched terrains, there is a bounty of felines, and a couple of days in Hwange is a prime opportunity to see them sneaking. They chase in the early morning and late evening, and in addition amid the night. Once in a while, you will spot lionesses examining their menu, glancing around for an object to assault after sunset. On different drives, you will discover a panther jumping down from a tree, keeping to the high grass as a wildebeest group plays accidentally close. 


Day 9: Victoria Falls – Quiet Cruising on the Zambezi and Victoria Falls 

Move alongside the common ponder of an exhibition of unfathomable capacity to finish your time in Zimbabwe. Fly north to put in the day at Victoria Falls and be stunned by its snarling thunder and excited by the spiralling splash. Photographs don't do equity to the falls, as they can't speak to the sheer volume and intensity of the water. A guide will lead you on a mobile trail that runs the greater part of the length of the falls, where there are numerous focuses for treating your faculties to the hugeness, all things considered, At that point for the last night in Zimbabwe, you will bring a watercraft voyage down the Zambezi Stream as dusk hues glint on and off the water's surface. Today around evening time's settlement is an incredible five-star inn that is close enough to see the billows of shower radiated from the falls. 


Day 10: Victoria Falls – Loosened up Day on the Waterway before Flight 

Before your evening flight, there will be a lot of time to unwind on the banks of the waterway and appreciate the odd troop of vervet monkeys that bounce past. Take breakfast and lunch at the lodging, and after that exchange to the air terminal for your worldwide flight.

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