Be On the Roads Less Traveled at This Ultimate Cultural Tour to South Africa

South Africa has everything that you are looking for in a first-time safari. That feeling of being under a 10 feet zone of a lion in the wild, those breathtaking game drives that take you close to the untamed world of the kings and queens of the African savanna, the adventurous trekking on the top hills of mountains are some of the best things you will get to experience on your South African tour.

Trip at a glance:

Day 1: Arrival at Timbavati Reserve

Day 2-3: Game drive at Umlani

Day 4-5: Visiting the lakes and the legends

Day 6-7: Explore the roads traveled less

Trip Highlights:

  • Experience the first taste of wild at the Timbavati Reserve
  • Spot 145 different animal species, from black and white rhino to zebra, hippo, buffalo, elephant, giraffe, warthog and many species of antelope.
  • Take an exquisite game drive at Timbavati Private Nature Reserve
  • Spend time exploring the lakes and the legends
  • Take a drive to the roads that are traveled less

Places Visited:

Timbavati Game Reserve, Greater Kruger National Park, Sacred Lakes Region in Limpopo, Leshiba Wilderness in the Soutpansberg, Mapungubwe National Park and World Heritage Site

Departure Dates

Dates are flexible and customizable for private departures.




Day 1: Arrival at Timbavati Reserve

Experience the first taste of wild at the Timbavati Reserve, a private game reserve that was created in the 1950s. You will be reaching there after a short flight from Tambo International Airport to Hoedspruit Airport, the gateway to safari country. After this, you will be taking a 4x4 rental vehicle to reach the  Timbavati Game Reserve which is only an hour away from Hoedspruit Airport. Timbavati was once known for the white lion population which made it one of the best reserves in the world for safari. However, due to the increased poaching activities, the white lions have left the land of Timbavati years before, but you can see some in some areas of Kruger park. Timbavati has been incorporated into the Kruger National Park and forms part of the Greater Kruger National Park, an area covering approximately four million hectares. It is home to around 145 different animal species, from black and white rhino to zebra, hippo, buffalo, elephant, giraffe, warthog and many species of antelope. So, enjoy all this on the very first day of your safari.

Day 2-3: Game drive at Umlani

Get ready for your first safari adventures at Umlani, an elegant eco-lodge in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve. While wildlife to watch and encounter with at Umlani is vast, you will always have other things that will make your stay at Umlani a worth. When you are done with the game driving, do not miss to relax at your lodge and experience the best of nature while enjoying coffee on your balcony. Take a short walk with the game rangers after breakfast, go bird watching or enjoy the magnificent natural surroundings while lazing in a double hammock by the pool. Soak up nature in silence while spending time in the tree house that the lodge boats on its outskirts. Watch the animals drinking water from ponds,  spend the night in the tree, enjoy bountiful spreads at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and make your stay as close as you can to the mother nature.

Day 4-5: Visiting the lakes and the legends

Start your day with an expedition to Limpopo’s Sacred Lakes region, an area full of myths and legends. Limpopo is famous for its exceptional game viewing, an abundance of birdlife and the ancient Venda Kingdom. Being a home to the sacred Lake Fundudzi, a lake with three rivers flowing into it, Limpopo is one of the few true inland lake systems found in Southern Africa. If you are a spiritual person, you will get to try an amazing thing at the lake. It is believed that if one throws something into the lake, the ancestral spirits that live there will throw it back onto the bank. Not only this, the water of the lake is believed to have super healing properties. Spend 2 days exploring the lakes and the legends of South Africa, spend time on the lakeside, unfold the stories behind it, and enjoy being close to nature.

Day 6-7: Explore the roads traveled less

Explore the least explored area that covers 6,000 hectares on your next adventure. Take a short drive to the UNESCO World Heritage Site called Mapungubwe and explore the roads traveled least by the travelers. Know the thrilling stories about the roads and try to be brave enough to step ahead for your safari. This place is a home to ancient baobabs and other lush vegetation as well as sandstone outcrops that are totally picturesque. Spend two nights at one of the luxurious lodges of this place and get an opportunity to visit the Mapungubwe World Heritage Site and see where the first South African inhabitants lived. Explore Mapungubwe National Park, enjoy bush walks, game viewing, tracking and bird watching. 


The South Africa Safari prices are based on the type of services you avail.  Basic services including travel expenses, accommodation, and food will be included in your package but services like game driving, sightseeing, entry tickets to the park, etc will be charged separately. To know more about the price, inquire for a custom quote. 


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