Enjoy the Never Ending Wonders of Namibia in This Safari Package

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Oct 28,2018

This wonderful 11-Day Namibia trip rotates around three altogether different bases. Begin in the beachfront desert spring of Swakopmund, lose yourself in the ethereal scenes of Damaraland, and investigate strange marvels from the safari base of the Ongava Game Reserve. Every day is an activity pressed, yet each night gives the quiet remedy. Extravagance camps settle into the wild, pervading new impressions of quietness and offering unlimited displays onto Namibia's rough scenes. From Swakopmund you put in multi-day investigating the Skeleton Coast, kayaking with Cape hide seals and staring at mysterious wrecks in the sand. The hills rise just about 400 meters high and you'll be sand loading up down them, before taking a smaller scale trip over the persevering edges and the gleaming kaleidoscope of Namib-Naukluft National Park. 

Namibia Safari Package Highlights:

  • Spending three days in Etosha National Park, an exciting combination of characters divulged with each turn including lions, panthers, Black and White rhinos, and more than 100 more warm-blooded animal species
  • Kayak with an immense province of Cape hide seals, rubbing your eyes in wonder as you find their tricks on the Skeleton Coast
  • Spend two days climbing and mountain biking through the spooky scenes of Damaraland, just offering the trail to roaming elephants and pronghorn groups
  • Board a small Cessna light airship and voyage over the seething sandhills of the Namib-Naukluft, Africa's biggest national stop
  • Go on strolling safari with shoeless Bushmen guides, learning true diversion following and every one of the signs for survival in nature

11-Day Namibia Safari Itinerary at a Glance:

  • Day 1: Arrival at Windhoek
  • Day 2: Check out the adventure of Sand Boarding on World’s highest sand dune
  • Day 3: Go kayaking with Cape Fur Seals
  • Day 4: Check out the Namib-Naukluft and Sossusvlei on a micro flight
  • Day 5: Visit and cherish the Beauty of Damaraland
  • Day 6: Get on a Bike and trail through Surreal Landscapes
  • Day 7: Trail and Hike with Elephants and Rock Arts
  • Day 8: Track with White Rhinos in the Ongava Sanctuary
  • Day 9: Get on a final Game drive at Etosha National Park
  • Day 10: Tracking Wild Game with Bushmen
  • Day 11: Departure from Namibia

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival at Windhoek 

On this day, the voyagers touch base at Windhoek. Indeed, even capital city Windhoek conveys displays of excellence, mountains winding out there, desert yellow stretching out into the great beyond, and moving slopes uncovering a comfortable nearby air. Namibia keeps running on a laid-back musicality and Windhoek encapsulates the lazy pace of a country. Nothing is hurried. Also, nothing ought to surge when you're encompassed by so much common magnificence. So rest, unwind and prepare for the experience to commence. 


Day 2: Check out the adventure of Sand Boarding on World’s highest sand dune 

Ridge 7 towers over the desert, rising 383 meters and overwhelming a scene of shining yellows and gleaming reds. From beneath it looks unconquerable, each progression along the edge appearing to take the summit further away. There are no ski style lifts when you're sandboarding in the Namibian desert, so it's long damp with sweat stroll up before you voyage down. Except if… Well, except if you happen to have an ATV that can drift along the edge. Presently you're immediately upheld at the summit. It's a sensational view up here with tasty Blue Ocean on one side, polychromatic hills underneath you, and the charms of Swakopmund out yonder. 


Day 3: Go kayaking with Cape Fur Seals 

Swakopmund is an irregularity in Namibia, a pioneer remaining in a nation that was for all intents and purposes unexplored by Europeans. Boats would arrive and be welcomed by imposing hindrances of ridges. So they pivoted. Or if nothing else, they attempted to pivot. Numerous extraordinary vessels couldn't get away from the sand and their remaining parts give a fragrant knowledge into nature's capacity. Gradually they're being submerged, wooden wrecks that confuse your camera as you venture along the Skeleton Coast. They've been immersed by sand and, subsequent to investigating the wrecks, you're being overpowered by another normal ponder. 


Day 4: Check out the Namib-Naukluft and Sossusvlei on a micro flight

Touchdown close Sossusvlei, Namibia's most shot regular fascination. Here the hills tower above devastate mud skillet, the crusted ground an astounding difference to the sand. This is a place that remunerates any camera with a front line all-encompassing mode. Investigate by walking, turning around and endeavouring to discover a point without ridges. In adjacent Deadvlei, it's scarred trees that offer a point of convergence, weak dark branches rising like legendary animals from the dirt. You come back to Swakopmund in the equivalent Cessna 210, the pilot circling further inland and offering expanding verification of Namibia's transparent excellence. 


Day 5: Visit and cherish the Beauty of Damaraland 

Kick back on your camp verandah and appreciate the view. A huge valley is flanked by provocative bluffs, a delicate assemblage of hues striping through the stone. Abnormal shades and stranded mountains litter the vista, an elephant kicks up residue as it trudges out there, and for 360º there's not a solitary individual insight. Damaraland encapsulates the untamed and simple magnificence of the Namibian scene. It would seem that a shooting area for a Hollywood epic set on the moon. And after that, the sun goes down and it's difficult to choose groups of stars; the sky is so brilliant with stars that a telescope feels excess. 


Day 6: Get on a Bike and trail through Surreal Landscapes 

Today is customized to your wellness levels and there are a large number of conceivable outcomes. Either remain out investigating throughout the day or split the investigation into a morning and evening ride. You can likewise switch mountain biking with climbing and tight clamp versa. A creepy sentiment of quiet go with the ride, close to nothing, however, wind and jogging gazelles filling Damaraland's bay in existence. Land and ascend rocks for exquisite vistas, or dive to the valley floor and follow in the trail of extraordinary moving crowds. With a trailblazing bicycle you can travel more remote, and for the extremely excited, take a restricted voyage into the core of the wild and get a ride home in a Land Rover


Day 7: Trail and Hike with Elephants and Rock Arts 

You could investigate Damaraland for a considerable length of time and not see everything. Behind each stone is another niche or crevice, over each mountain is another scene, and beneath your camp is an alternate meandering eland. Most climbing trails centre around the mountains, guaranteeing a decent shelter of shade and divulging the land's precursors. Bushmen have called Namibia home for a long time and they describe history through shake craftsmanship. Canvases portray scenes for the following travellers, every little clan leaving an exercise for the following. Representations demonstrate a fruitful chase, a plant containing poison, or a clan being pursued away by white pioneers. A huge number of years on and they're similarly as piercing to our comprehension of the world as they've at any point been.


Day 8: Track with White Rhinos in the Ongava Sanctuary 

You attempt and step unobtrusively onto the Ongava savannah, your legs swaying among shaking and the creeps. Expectation packs your heart with energy. However, the boldness of the experience brings a specific worry. You're on the trail of White rhinos, meandering through the semi-bone-dry scene and heading straight for these two-ton jeopardized mammoths. Up ahead the rhinos laze in the shade, jerking quickly and completely mindful of your essence. Presently's not an opportunity to disregard your guide's guidelines. Creep forward, a hand over your mouth to anticipate screeches of shock. Presently you're under 20 meters away. Presently it's under 15. The rhinos pause and watch, cheerful to rest and permit your startled awe. 


Day 9: Get on a final Game drive at Etosha National Park 

Ongava Game Reserve imparts unfenced limits to a lot bigger Etosha National Park, Namibia's head safari fascination. Your amusement drives can get to both, yet different guests to Etosha don't have similar access to Ongava. Wake early and cross into Etosha, twisting through the forest and saying morning welcome to the next ambitious people; elephants are slamming at tree trunks, dark confronted impala confuse the camera, and a basically imperiled Black rhino is mooching through the trees. Etosha is the place you'll locate the uncommon and the irregular, warm-blooded creatures that have discovered a sanctuary in this edge of Africa. Dik, grouped mongoose, ground pangolin, Steenbok...you've most likely never know about them, yet you'll before long figure out how to perceive these abnormal wonders. 


Day 10: Tracking Wild Game with Bushmen 

You definitely realize what prowls in Ongava. You've just observed the Panthers, lions, rhinos, elephants, and umpteen different strengths. So for what reason is the Bushmen control so languid about strolling through the savannah? Doesn't he realize it could be risky? For a long time, Bushmen have lived close by Africa's incredible vertebrates, their genealogical learning went down through the ages. Begin strolling with your guide, watching and gaining from his visual hints. They're normally terse and it's amazingly uncommon to meet a clan part who communicates in English. However, that doesn't stop the trade of learning. The guide focuses on marks on a tree, the freshness of tree sap demonstrating when a panther made the scars. Spaces in greenery uncover elephant nearness. The time of waste can be determined without contact. Diversion following continues fabricating the energy, as once you perceive the hints you realize what's coming. 


Day 11: Departure from Namibia 

A great deal has occurred over the most recent 10 days. A large portion of it can't be recreated anyplace on the planet. That is Namibia's interesting intrigue, offering novel and new encounters against a craftsmanship display setting. After a drive to Windhoek, you take off over the open-air play area, saying goodbye to Namibia and as of now arranging your arrival.

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