Namibia Safari Adventure: Mountain Biking, Damaraland, Sand Dunes

If relaxing Kayaking does not give you the adventure feel, do try the adventurous mountain biking through the surreal landscapes of Damaraland. This customized Namibia Safari adventure itinerary is all set to woo your traveler soul.

Trip At A Glance:

Day 1: Step into the land of Windhoek

Day 2: Go sand boarding with the world’s highest sand dune

Day 3: Explore the skeleton coast while enjoying kayaking

Day 4: Entering into Damaraland.

Day 5: The adventurous mountain biking through surreal landscapes

Trip Highlights:

  • Explore the Namibian land from the top while flying high to Windhoek
  • Enjoy sand boarding with the world’s highest sand dune, Dune 7
  • Do not miss to try the Kayaks while exploring the skeleton coasts
  • Drive into Damaraland and explore the endless beauty at a leisurely pace
  • Add more weight to the adventure part and go for a mountain biking through the surreal landscape of Damaraland


Day 1: Step into the land of Windhoek

While flying above majestic Namibia, keep your eyes open and peek through the window and get the first glimpses of wilderness providing shots of anticipation. The landscape covered with Savannah, the thick and bushy forests, and the antelope making the land dotted with black dots, is simply incredible. Before landing at the international airport of Namibia, you will get to see all this from the top.

Day 2: Go sandboarding with the world’s highest sand dune

Dune 7 tower, approximately 383 meters high, towers above the desert and dominate the landscape of shimmering yellows and glowing reds. From the ground, it looks like a never-ending trek to the sky-high dunes. There are no ski style lifts that you can take while ascending the sand dunes. All you can do is to take steps little by little and ascend the dunes at a comfortable pace. However, ascending down would be more comfortable than the sweaty dune trekking. Once you touch the bottom of the dunes, a luscious blue ocean on the other side of the sand dune awaits you. All in all, day 2 of your Namibia safari is going to be an adventurous day for you.

Day 3:Explore the skeleton coast while enjoying kayaking

Swakopmund is a colonial leftover in a country that was virtually unexplored by Europeans. This day, you get a chance to explore it all. Explore the wooden wrecks that baffle your camera as you journey along the Skeleton Coast. See how beautifully they’ve been inundated by sand and, how grateful you would be after exploring the shipwrecks. Such an overwhelmed experience it is going to be!

Day 4: Entering into Damaraland.

On day four, have an early breakfast so that you can leave for your Damaraland tour. Perched on the lip of the Klip River Canyon, Grootberg boasts incredible views down the valley to the riverbed below. After reaching your destination, you will have two ways to explore this land - by foot or by a ride. You can opt for any one of these. While exploring Damaraland, you will get to see a wide range of birds including oryx, springbok, ostrich, and kudu. See them grazing along the often-dry watercourse and get marveled by their activities. Desert elephants and lions are occasionally found here, so you may or may not spot them depending. You need to be lucky to spot these animals on Damaraland.

Day 5: The adventurous mountain biking through surreal landscapes

If traveling alone or with some adventure-lover friends, do not miss the thrilling mountain biking through the surreal landscapes of Damaraland. Paddle down and gear up to the hills and start exploring it while racing on a bike. Start slowly and then steadily pick up the race and get lost in the midst of Damaraland. Make your way through the broken trees, and peculiar curves, making it more adventurous and exciting. Could you have asked for more from this Namibia Safari adventure trip? The answer has to be a big NO.

Day 6: The Departure

After spending 5 days in Namibia, it is finally the time to take a leave from this majestic place. Have your farewell lunch and drive back to the International airport of Namibia and fly back home.



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