Visit Namibia Safari Adventure in this 9-Days African Safari Extravaganza

Namibia has some hidden secrets and one must need some association with the wild beings there to discover them. Inside the rough wild, you will discover probably the best facilities, old scenes with the absolute best African Safari. In this customized 9-Days Namibian Safari, get acquainted with the with these creatures closest and comprehend what makes them the most adorable on the planet. You can track the rhinos by walking and get close with the enormous felines and after that entertain yourselves into a definitive safari of your life. In Namibia, you get real close to nature without much obstructions like; no different sightseers photobombing the photographs, no trucks congregating around a lion pride, no intrusion to your safari isolation. Along these lines, make the most of your space with the wild in this most impeccable involvement in Namibia.

Namibia Safari Tour Package Highlights:

  • Spending seven days in the wild and knowing the different stops and saves of Namibia.
  • Tracking with White rhinos by walking and experiencing with the huge felines at the Ongava Save.
  • Visiting the Huge Etosha National Stop and wondering the savage felines and their full-scale groups.
  • Personally make a private everyday schedule of amusement drives, strolling safaris, and evening time investigation, each experience made to your interests and wants


Namibia Safari Adventure Itinerary at a Glance:

  • Day 1: Landing in Windhoek, Namibia and registering with the inns
  • Day 2 and Day 3: Strolling Safaris in Okonjima, Panther Experiences, and Timberland Safari
  • Day 4 and Day 5: Liberal Extravagance and Strolling with Rhinos at Ongava Save
  • Day 6 and Day 7: Terrific Safari Drenching in Etosha National Stop
  • Day 8: Come back to Windhoek and visiting some Scene
  • Day 9: Takeoff from Namibia

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Landing in Windhoek, Namibia and registering with the lodgings

On this day, the voyagers for the most part land at the capital city of Windhoek. Achieving Namibia through a Worldwide exchange can be tiring and this day will be spent attempting to unwind as the following coming days would tire. Your driver and guide would meet at the Air terminal and take you to the pre-booked inn by the visiting administrator.


Day 2 and Day 3: Strolling Safaris in Okonjima, Panther Experiences and Woods Safari

The two days of experience at the Okonjima Save would begin with the move into the wild from the capital city. Okonjima's reduced size makes it an ideal first stop. While the copious panthers and cheetahs wait longest in the memory, the simplicity of the safari is an enormous piece of the experience. There aren't vast separations to cover or extended periods staking out a waterhole. A different accumulation of characters exists together in nearness, guaranteeing each diversion drive is swarmed with features. Zebra, kudu, giraffe...keep taking the photographs as the rundown of first experiences becomes evermore. Visit the save's restoration place for considerably nearer experiences, saved huge felines breastfed back to wellbeing, and afterward effectively came back to nature.

You've officially encountered the predators in the recreation center. Panthers, cheetahs, hyena...they affirm the well-known safari mantra of "remain in the vehicle." So for what reason is the guide taking you out by walking? Namibia's private stores offer unrivaled strolling safari openings, each expediting new viewpoints the untamed scene. Indeed, it's sheltered. Sincerely. The nearby Bushmen have made due close by panthers and whatever is left of the predators for exactly 40,000 years, so they make the ideal aides.


Day 4 and Day 5: Liberal Extravagance and Strolling with Rhinos at Ongava Hold

Keep the strolling boots to hand as you venture north, the Land Wanderer crossing incredible swathes of wild and uncovering the unlimited fields of one of the world's most inadequately populated nations. Ongava Amusement Hold gives another permanent all-encompassing, the cabin roosted above quintessential African savannah and looking down onto Etosha National Stop. It's an entrancing sight when the sun goes down, yet that is for some other time. At the present time, you have to bind up those boots and walk, all the more certainly now, into the White rhino domain. Rhinos! Clearly, this isn't sheltered?

Dazzling your heart at Ongava is a combination of the awesome and enchanting, the save offering an unfenced limit to Etosha National Stop. Amusement drives can remain locally inside the save, or wind into Etosha. Giraffe stands glad on dusty fields, elephants cut openings in the woodland, and the sharp eyes select huge felines getting ready to chase. Your private verandah neglects a changeless water source, and it's regularly abounding with natural life as the late evening progresses toward becoming night and the Smooth Path cuts over the sky. So do you appreciate the permanent scene from the outside shower, possibly from the lavish private living room, or maybe in the middle of a dunk in the dive pool?


Day 6 and Day 7: Stupendous Safari Drenching in Etosha National Stop

As your Namibian adventure proceeds with the show heighten. Etosha National Stop is one of Africa's best, a vast breadth of mopane forest and sparkling salt skillet. Conflicting natural surroundings keep a scope of warm-blooded creatures cheerful and the look for water overwhelms the environment. Amid the wet season, the creatures scatter, covetously eating up new fields and occasional streams. At that point, the land wilts and twirls of residue continue spellbinding voyages over the dish. Crowds meander and meander, standing lost on destroying scenes that shout of nature's capacity. Elephants, giraffe, gazelles, lions...each amass makes its adventure over the 5000km² salt container, dependably looking for water and survival.


Day 8: Come back to Windhoek and visiting some Scene

Indeed, even following seven days the experience wavers between the unusual and mind-boggling. It's a long desert drive back to Windhoek, the interminable transparency of Namibia keeping you involved through the window. There could even be the ideal opportunity for a last look at the untamed life, a lost land crossing the devastate expressway.


Day 9: Takeoff from Namibia

The time has come to withdraw from the incredible undertakings of Namibia yet you take massive recollections with some carefully assembled keepsakes from the neighborhood markets. Your guide will drop you at the Airplane terminal with a major welcoming smile.

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