Delve Into Namibian Wildlife And Culture On A 5-day Namibian Trip

Get closer to the wilderness of Africa on your 5-day trip to Namibia. Land to Windhoek International Airport and take a drive to the Okonjima Main Camp. Feel surrounded by countless birds including oryx, springbok, ostrich, and kudu. Get a chance to sneak peek into the deepest human memory through the carved rock art made by San hunter-gatherers thousands of years ago. Meet one of the last semi-nomadic peoples of Africa - the Himbas and know about their daily routines in detail. Do not miss the incredible rhino trekking at Ongava Reserve.

Trip at a Glance

Day 1: Welcome to Namibia!

Day 2: Drive Into Damaraland

Day 3: A visit to the San Rock Art of Twyfelfontein

Day 4: Visiting Himba

Day 5: The rhino trekking at Ongava


  • Interact with the Ju/'hoansi Bushmen in a meaningful and uncontrived way

  • Join a hunt, and learn of their ancestral skills and bushcraft

  • Visit cheetahs at the AfriCat Foundation

  • Track desert elephants and rhinos in Damaraland

  • Visit the enigmatic Himba tribe

  • Experience thrilling big game encounters at Ongava and Etosha National Park

  • Track rhinos on foot at Ongava


Day 1: Welcome to Namibia!

Arrive at the Windhoek International Airport, collect your rental vehicle, and set off on a beautifully scenic drive northwards to Okonjima, home of the AfriCat Foundation. This three hours drive will give you the taste of the vastness of Namibia. At the end of three hours, you will be at Okonjima Main Camp, a beautifully laid out thatch and adobe lodge overlooking grassy plains and a waterhole. Enjoy the lodge and its services for a day as it will help you relax your body and mind for the upcoming day.

Day 2: Drive Into Damaraland

On day second, have an early breakfast so that you can leave for your Damaraland tour. Perched on the lip of the Klip River Canyon, Grootberg boasts incredible views down the valley to the riverbed below. After reaching your destination, you will have two ways to explore this land - by foot or by a ride. You can opt for any one of these. While exploring Damaraland, you will get to see a wide range of birds including oryx, springbok, ostrich, and kudu. See them grazing along the often-dry watercourse and get marveled by their activities. Desert elephants and lions are occasionally found here, so you may or may not spot them depending. You need to be lucky to spot these animals on Damaraland.

Day 3: A visit to the San Rock Art of Twyfelfontein

On the third day of your Namibian Safari, you will be visiting the World Heritage Site of Twyfelfontein. This is the place where you will get a chance to sneak peek into the deepest human memory through the carved rock art made by San hunter-gatherers thousands of years ago. Feel extremely humbled and uplifted by assuming those early hunters stood exactly where you are now. Spot the desert elephants who have longer legs and a thinner physique. This unique feature helps them curb water loss and march long distances between food and water sources.

Day 4: Visiting Himba

Meet one of the last semi-nomadic peoples of Africa at Himba. Follow their seasonal routes where they used to graze their herds of cattle and goats, which to them are their wealth. Spot women rubbing a mixture of fat and ochre over their braids and bodies in a bid to get that coppery shine. These proud nomads live in small villages constructed from wood, palm thatch and cow dung- the materials most readily available to them. Spend some time with them and try to absorb their unique style of living.

Day 5: The rhino trekking at Ongava

Wake up to the melodious chorus of countless birds and have an early breakfast. Let your guide show you the game paths and basic instruction to follow the rhino footprints. You can begin the rhino trekking at dawn and enjoy it till the late afternoon. While your guide looks for the footprints, you take in everything: the smell of the earth, the whisper of the breeze in your ears, the crackle of dry grass underfoot. While you were enjoying all this, you are suddenly shocked by your guide wherein he points a series of footprints of rhinos. He shows you the direction where the trail is moving and you dare to follow the same with your heart in your mouth. You keep following the footprints to a point where you halt and get mesmerized by seeing a giant herd of quarreling hippos. This is one of the best things you will get to see on a Namibia safari adventure. Peek around the bushes and gaze them as long as you can because, in the crowd of your city, you are not going to see this again. Click pictures, gaze them, but do not try to get closer to the wild rhinos. Do not forget that they are wild and may cause harm to you.


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