Engage Yourself Majestically with Awesome 10-Days Kenyan Safari Vacation

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Oct 28,2018

Kenya has a grandness which is unique with its peers in the African continent. With staggering scenes, exceptional untamed life highlights and marvellous culture, Kenya sits appropriately over the decision for any of the African Safaris. From its natural life to its kin, it radiates with decent variety. Subside into the marvels of Kenya and the astonishing extravagances of the wild world. Elephants play at the waterhole, Panthers laze in the treetops, Samburu villagers sing at their family well and the enchantment of Africa opens to you, where the sights and hints of Kenya you've constantly needed to be woken up. Watch the shades of the influence of the brazen field in the breeze. Investigate the concealed fortunes of the detached wild. From the delicate melody of the Samburu to the relaxing lions of the savannah, come to see where the enchantment of nature's wild offers route to the charm of wild creative energy. 

Kenyan Safari Vacation Package Highlights:

  • Enjoying the awesome swimming pools of Sarara Camp
  • Exploring the grand Mathews Mountains in Northern Kenya and encountering safaris with gifted Samburu Warrior guides.
  • Witness a fruitful protection and ecotourism example of overcoming adversity
  • Game drive in the wild on horseback and meandering through the shrub on a mobile safari
  • Witness the social marvels of the Samburu Village and watching the dazzling scenes from on Ol Lolokwe


10-Day Kenya Safari Itinerary at a Glance:

  • Day 1: Arrival at Nairobi and taking rest to get crisp for Safaris
  • Day 2: Understanding the Capital City of Kenya – its inclination and magnificence and spots to visit in the city
  • Day 3: Amazing street exchange to the Stunning Sarara Camp
  • Day 4: Spend a day at Sarara Game Drive and experience the thrill
  • Day 5: Visit the rest of the Conservation area and be amazed by its beauty
  • Day 6: Learn the amazing culture of Samburu Village
  • Day 7: Trip up to Ol Lolokwe and check out the large landscape
  • Day 8: Get on a walking safari
  • Day 9: Ride on the Bush ponies to reach amazing photo galleries
  • Day 10: Transfer to Nairobi and Departure

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival at Nairobi and taking rest to get crisp for Safaris 

On this day, the travelers for the most part touch base in the Kenyan Capital city of Nairobi. Your own visit guide would meet you there and take you to the pre-booked inn. You can take some rest before the visit opens up. Walk around at night to look at some neighborhood sustenance and culture. 


Day 2: Understanding the Capital City of Kenya – its tendency and excellence and spots to visit in the city 

Start your investigation of Nairobi with a visit to the Dame Sheldrick Elephant and Rhino Orphanage. Woman Daphne Sheldrick is known for her work among the African natural life and her book Love, Life, and Elephants; the halfway house was included in National Geographic. Rich trees and shade encompass the orange earth of the grounds. The elephants are altogether stranded calves, casualties of poaching, and unfit to battle for themselves. Stroll through the little focus and locate an open space encompassed by a rope. At the point when the calves are developing enough, typically around three-years-old, they are discharged into bigger crowds in Tsavo East National Park, changing once again into the life of nature. The elephants hasten once again into the bramble; you take in the demeanor of the wild and realize that the experience has started. 


Day 3: Amazing street exchange to the Stunning Sarara Camp 

Today you will navigate the wild on a trip over the fields of Kenya and into the sights of the Mathews Mountains. The mountain tops wait over the fields throwing shadows along the trees. Arrive on the airstrip in Sarara Camp, the main route all through the protection region, and touch base with the extravagances of astounding convenience and the broad perspective of the Kenyan wild before you. Sarara Camp is the chief ecotourism lodging, joining agreeable facilities for the most lavish solicitations with the rough, immaculate excellence of the encompassing nature. The cabin is totally possessed by the Namunyak people group, with all income subsidizing the Namunyak Conservation Trust. Subside into your extravagance tent, fit for eminence, where a shocking perspective of the open Mathews Range sits outside of your entryway. At the point when the cool of the night arrives, sit along with your private patio; the rich fragrance of crisp blended espresso waits in the outline of the mountains. 


Day 4: Spend a day at Sarara Game Drive and experience the thrill 

Move onboard your amusement driving vehicle and adventure into the wilds of Sarara. The trees tower into the air out yonder. The world is perfumed with brilliant straw. Scour the skyline for indications of life; from elephants to giraffes, the miracles are interminable. The vehicle turns a corner and you hear the cumbersome tweet of the African wild puppy, as often as possible experience in the valley. The wild pooch is seriously jeopardized and extraordinarily valuable. The pack can be heard stirring in the brush past you. The alpha gives the pack cautioning, and in the long run tweets the sound of wellbeing. They skip and play in the delicate sun. Their dark and darker spots mix with the removed grass. Their liveliness is irresistible. At the point when the sun begins to set once again the skyline, the mountains change shading, and the shades of the grass sparkle in the shadowy dimness. 


Day 5: Visit the rest of the Conservation area and be amazed by its beauty 

The early morning rise accompanies the celestial taste of mocha from your espresso, the relieving warmth preparing you for the staggering day to come. The delicate singing of starlings ascends from the lovely moving course of action in the sky; their wings float as the murmuration alters course in midair, a sensitive and noteworthy move. It is anything but difficult to see vulturine guineafowl at the edge of the vehicle, bolstering in the dry brush. Their plumage is a brilliant blue blurring into their dark tail quills, with spots of white strewn through. The subtle and productive huge feline, the panther, may likewise show up. The delicate breeze blows through the evening air, bringing the warm musk of the trees around you. Your guide discreetly indicates a tree close-by. A solitary branch influences in the breeze and you understand is anything but a branch at everything except a tail. Along the solid, curved branch above falsehoods a panther, relaxing in the covering. 


Day 6: Learn the amazing culture of Samburu Village

After a heavenly breakfast, you will pursue your guide out of the camp to visit the amazing society of the Samburu. After the shocking background of the singing wells, you will have the capacity to visit the Samburu town itself. The Samburu are a clan firmly identified with the acclaimed Maasai of East Africa. The Samburu are semi-migrant, raising steers, sheep, goats, and camels. The Rift Valley territory in Kenya is to some degree infertile influencing the Samburu to move around each five to about a month and a half to discover crisp eating justification for their dairy cattle. The cottages are worked from mud, stowaway, and grass mats strung around shafts. A prickly fence, known as a boma, is worked to shield the family and the crowd from wild creatures. Their neckbands and wristbands sparkle in the daylight with lively yellows and vivacious reds. From one free jewelry to several different sizes that expand upon on another, associated in the middle and folding over their shoulders, the uniqueness is stunning. 


Day 7: Trip up to Ol Lolokwe and check out the large landscape

Today you will wander outside of camp to visit the electrifying stone monument of Ol Lolokwe. The orange stone changes hues in the moving sun, the shadows of the stone spreading over the savannah. Acacia trees line the savannah floor, the fragrance of mint spreading from its clears out. Watch the high contrast stripes of the zebra brush along the valley floor, gesturing their noses and kicking their foot rear areas as you pass them. Standing tall and approaching over the valley sits the table best of Ol Lolokwe. The stone is smooth on your fingers, the sun is warm on your skin, and the total withdrawal from the highest point of the mountain feels like the whole world is at your feet. 


Day 8: Get on a walking safari 

Pursue your guide along the valley floor as they take you through the brush to see the untamed life on a mind-boggling strolling safari. The tremendous spread of the savannah opens up to the lower regions of the Mathews Mountain Range. The stir in the trees out yonder originates from the giraffes brushing on lavish acacias. Their tongues fold over the branches, thistles notwithstanding, and pull at the thorny stems of the tree. The giraffe takes long and determined walks relatively moving in moderate movement. Their spots sparkle dark-colored and gold toward the evening sun. The treble of your guide's voice bobs through the brush as they depict the assortment of vegetation and the decent variety of fauna, and as you witness the speed and beauty of weavers flying through the air, twittering along with the trees, and threading their home along branches. 


Day 9: Ride on the Bush ponies to reach amazing photo galleries 

The marvels of the Sarara Camp and the Sarara Valley are endless. Today you will have the chance to saddle up onto a shrubbery horse and pursue your manual for the wonderful sights of the difficult to achieve regions. The horses scale hard to shake and through the extreme brush onto levels that offer a perspective of the flatlands beneath. The staggering layers of impala gleam against watering gaps, their horns vast and powerful, the white puff of hiding around their chest projecting. The steeds wind along the hedges. 


Day 10: Transfer to Nairobi and Departure 

Appreciate the flavorful solaces of breakfast before you get a flight and come back to Nairobi. Today you will wave farewell to the wilds of Kenya, from the wild creative abilities of stone carvers to the untamed life of the Sarara Valley, your time navigating the impressions of East Africa have arrived at an end. Mathews Mountains ascend in your memory.

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