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Super Midsize Jets

The Perfect Travel Jet For Private And Business Use

Super midsize jets are optimal choices for anyone seeking a luxury and spacious jet at a market competitive rate. Super midrange planes, also referred to as super midsize jets, have spacious cabins with convenient work spaces for business travelers and average-sized crowds. These planes are renowned for having substantially greater performance and fuel efficiency than larger jets.

Based on the layout and kind of aircraft, super midsize jets have 7 to 9 seats available. Depending on the number of passengers, those jets have a range that exceeds the Midsize jet's maximum range, reaching distances of up to 6,200 kilometers or five to six hours.

Super Midsize Jet cabins allow most passengers to stand up, with certain aircraft allowing a maximum height of 1.90m and a minimum height of 1.70m. On average, the luggage compartment has a volume of about 3.5 m3, which is 40% more than the Midsize category.

Compared to Midsize Jets, passengers can get VIP benefits with personal flight attendants, a meal menu to choose from before the flight, and free alcohol services.