On-Demand Charter

Getting You to Your Destination

When you book your trip you can request a private jet, using the on-demand charter page. We have trusted aviation advisors available 24/7 to assist you with your flight plans. Our aviation advisors will find the best flight for you through our trusted global network of aircraft.

Safety Remains Uncompromised

LeisureJets operates across 32 countries. No matter where the jet is taking off from in the world; every operator, aircraft, and crew that we use to fly our clients is reviewed by our Safety team prior to the flight. All operators must hold the required FAA requirements and hold third party certificates from the following safety organizations ARGUS, Wyvern, and IS-BAO.

LeisureJets Safety

Unparalleled Services Worldwide

The LeisureJets level of service quality is provided to all our customers who book through our On-Demand Charter. We provide black car services, premium alcohol, gourmet catering, and a representative from the LeisureJets team is provided for chartered flights.