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Midsize Jets

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Midsize jets, often known as midsize aircraft, are excellent for lengthy flights across continents or other journeys requiring higher passenger capacity. Midsize private jets, as opposed to light jets, are very adaptable private planes with both the speed and strength of compact charter flights with the luxury and room of larger private jets. Midsize private jets typically seat 7-9 passengers and have a range of over 5,000 miles off the coast.

Midsize jets are known for their speed and agility, which means you can get anywhere within 7-8 business hours. With their swiftness, you get the utmost comfort during your ride in the air and reach your location in no time.

Longer commutes and larger parties are just ideal for a more roomy interior with greater seating, headroom, and legroom. With such a high level of comfort, you can enjoy your business trip and work even at such a high altitude.

The refreshment closets on Midsize Category aircraft are larger than those on Light Jets, allowing for additional catering, snacks, and preferred booze.