Our Fleet

Large Cabin Jets

Enhanced Range, More Passengers

Large cabin jets are made to comfortably fit between 8 and 12 passengers, along with plenty of luggage capacity. Large Cabin Jets are popular due to their unmatched strength, speed, range, and effectiveness. Additionally, large cabin jets provide remarkable versatility, allowing you to travel between cities, across continents, and seas while maintaining passenger comfort on trips of any duration.

Two club seats plus a credenza, or even four club seats, could be found in one huge airplane. Another large jet might have two facing couches with room for six passengers each. In other words, you might see between 10 and 15 seats on the same type of aircraft.

Large Cabin jets have numerous designs and options to choose from. The best ones in the house available for renting include Bombardier Challenger 600, Dassault Falcon 2000, Gulfstream GII, and many more from the same luxury jet brands.

Large Cabin Jets are the best to opt for if you are traveling with sufficient luggage cross-country. Your trips are made smooth and safe to enjoy while being granted the benefits of premium cuisines and alcohol.