A Week-Long Vacation in Brazil to Make You Go Crazy

A Week-Long Vacation in Brazil to Make You Go Crazy

Spend a night in the darkest forest of Amazon or just party at a beach house with the locals, there is no justified way of Brazil vacation. It is everything in one and one in everything when selecting Brazil Vacation Packages. Read More

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The largest country in South America, that literally covers half of the land of the continent, is never tired of offering the traveler the greatest time of Brazil Vacation. The gorgeous country with the landscaping that can leave a traveler stunned has as much to offer as one can take. On the one side, the Amazon Rainforest makes it a horrifying yet extraordinary place to drink the goblet of wanderlust and dive into the forest if you are an adventure savvy. With the widespread out white sand beaches shining in the bright sun to magnificent Iguazu Falls, there is something for every traveler. 

If you carry your golden luck, you may even be able to spot the rare and enchanting pink dolphin, pumas and several other residents of wild making home in the Amazon rainforest. 


The fifth-largest country in the world with a population of over 200 million people has some of the most beguiling nature and manmade wonders that will bring ecstatic energy to every cell in you. Fly over the beautiful beaches or take a run on one. Dive in the enormous and clear sea or just watch the ocean kissing the sky at the horizon, spend a night in the darkest forest of Amazon or just party at a beach house with the locals, there is no justified way of Brazil vacation. It is everything in one and one in everything when selecting Brazil Vacation Packages.  

Tour Highlights:

  1. Spend a day in the territory of Copacabana and Ipanema beaches and groove to the tunes of Samba with other samba dancers in the largest city in the country. 
  2. Visit the Rodrigo de Freitas Lake and park and Pedra do Sal, the birthplace of Samba. 
  3. Visit the Portuguese colony that came out to life in 1500 and still display a rich culture and colonial architecture along with massive Portuguese influence. 
  4. Witness one of the most majestic waterfalls in the world. 
  5. Spend a leisure day in Sao Paulo, walking or sunbathing at the white sand beaches. 
  6. If you have the lust for adventure, hike to the Chapada Diamantina and camp in the middle of the wilderness with forests spread as far as you can see.



Day 1: Rio De Janeiro 

Day 2: Rodrigo de Freitas Lake and garden, Pedra do Sal 

Day 3: Salvador 

Day 4: Iguazu Falls 

Day 5: Sao Paulo 

Day 6 and 7: Hiking and camping in Chapada Diamantina Region 

Detail description 

Day 1 Rio De Janeiro 

Rio De Janeiro is the city that never sleeps and it is bigger than you can ever imagine. The city is huge and so is its heart. Learn about the auspicious culture of the city and country and visit the hundreds of modern and ancient monuments in the city. Take a walk on the bright white sand beaches and go along for a dive in the deep of the blues to know the life underwater. 

When in Rio, do not miss out on the massive statue of Jesus called Christ The Redeemer. The city is equally famous for Copacabana and Ipanema beaches that attract hundreds and thousands of tourists every year along with the Carnaval Festival, samba dancers, and parade with vivacious costumes.   

Day 2 Rodrigo de Freitas Lake and garden, Pedra do Sal 

Falling in the physical boundary of Rio De Janeiro, the lake and Garden will demand you to stay in town for another day. The Botanical park houses some of the rarest and some of the most stunning species of plants and trees that are extremely difficult to find. The lake is a stunning beauty and that botanical park adds more to the beauty of the lagoon. Take some time and sit on the side of this lake. This is a place that can’t be skipped from any Brazil Vacation Packages. 

Day 3 Salvador 

Salvador is a city that sits ready to amaze every single freckle on your skin. The gorgeous town that was established in the 1500s by Portuguese colonials is filled with pastel-colored houses with facades so amusing you wouldn’t want to take your eyes off. The city is most popular for its display of Afro-Brazilian culture, beautiful churches, and an absolutely charming neighborhood. Make sure to stay in a Portuguese architectural colonial house or bungalow in the town.

Day 4 Iguazu Falls 

Iguazu Falls are massive and most divine falls in South America that houses about 300 independent falls. Thousands and thousands of tourists visit the falls on both sides in Argentina as well as Brazil to grasp the serene magic in the air that drives out of the magnificent falls. Stand there and admire the fantastic creation of nature and the twist and turns the plates of the earth took to give us this breathtaking falls. You cannot and should not skip this sight from Brazil Vacation Packages because the opportunity may never come back again. 

Day 5 Sao Paulo

Loosen up your body and dance to the tunes of samba while you are still in Sao Paulo because the city may seem extraordinary in the day but the city gets extraordinarily crazy in the night with an extravagantly stunning party going on in every corner. Take a few drinks, go walking around the peaceful city, take a look at the historical aspects and auspicious treasures of the city and read into the dense culture of the city. Go sit on the beach and watch the serene sun going down at dusk with your heart sinking in the pool of joy. 

Day 6 and 7 Hiking and camping in Chapada Diamantina Region 

Chapada Diamantina is one of the regions with the least human intervention in the country and miles and miles of forest with the most extraordinary display of nature. Take a day or two if you have a lust of adventure and sail into the forest. Hike up the forest to spend the night in nature’s lap with hundreds of other wild species accompanying you. Again, this is not for the weak hearts. The wild does not give the hospitality you admire but is ruthless and demanding. 


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