A wonderful Trip Of Scotland

We three friends have experienced a wonderful trip of scotland. We were not a large group as we were only three people traveling to Scotland, so we were a little apprehensive about booking a travel agency. And prior to that, some of the friends suggested me to hire a guide when you reach there, but we abort this idea of hiring a guide and rather we booked a travel agency that can give us hassle-free traveling experience.  Scotland is a land with a rich, multilayered history, a place where every corner of the landscape is steeped in the past – a deserted croft on an island shore, a moor that was once a battlefield, a cave that sheltered Bonnie Prince Charlie. Hundreds of castles, from the plain but forbidding tower houses of Hermitage and Smailholm to the elaborate machicolated fortresses of Caerlaverock and Craigmillar, testify to the country's often turbulent past. And battles that played a pivotal part in the building of a nation are remembered and brought to life at sites such as Bannockburn and Culloden.Each day as we rambled along our guide made the stunning Scottish countryside more meaningful by providing relevant Scottish history lessons, and he punctuated his pleasant and informative mini-lectures with jokes and songs. Although the trip was perfectly planned and executed, our guide also displayed an amazing degree of flexibility, as the situation required. He suggested and implemented an important visit to a church cemetery when he learned that a genealogy search by one of our group indicated that she had relatives in a particular County.  He stopped the coach at village pharmacies when travelers' sniffles appeared. He changed his own plans when the weather threatened ours.

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