Greece Travel Review: The best of Santorini to Remember

From long time, we had not planned for any summer trips and thus this trip was on cards this year with a bang. We hadn’t decided on the place and hence it was a choice between Greece and Italy and Greece won with many stances to Italy. The only thing remaining was finding a suitable career who can take us to the place and deliver us back to our safely. And Leisure did that perfectly by first giving us a choice on the itineraries and then with the travel agents to choose from. The travel agent we chose for our trip was excellent and he made sure that everything falls in place at the right time and right place. From start to finish, even during our journey, our travel company, through the work of our travel adviser put forth an exemplary effort and the results certainly showed. 3 adult couples, friends for decades, engaged our travel adviser to plan our trip to Greece. our expectations and personal styles which included an extremely eclectic menu of city sophistication/luxury island decadence, archaeology, scenic beauty, expertly guided tours, time at absolute leisure, seamless transport between destinations, well located boutique hotels and cultural opportunities we would never be able to arrange on our own (including ancient Greek music). Most importantly he listened... suggested....provided alternatives.... and delivered.

Our travel adviser held a trans--atlantic group phone conference call at dinner time in the USA  (and well after midnight in Greece)  days before our vacation began to be certain we understood all the written details of our travel plan (all 20 pages of it !) and he provided us with his personal cell phone to call for any contingencies while in Greece (though none ever arose). Our 2 week tour encompassed Athens, Crete, Santorini, and Mykonos. Our local tour guides, handpicked by our travel company and adviser, were knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and spoke excellent English. Our drivers were quite professional and handled difficult terrain  safely and with confidence.


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