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Amazing Galapagos Cruise Holiday

We’re glad that overall the family enjoyed their Galapagos cruise, and had a good time with the crew on the boat. In Galapagos, guides generally work three weeks on, two weeks off. The first guide was scheduled to work for the entire week but had to leave due to an unforeseen family circumstance. He chose not to reveal this to the passengers, so as not to dampen their holiday. The stand-in for the day tour on day 5 was brought in last minute, to cover the first guide leaving. The third guide for the second part of the cruise was also brought in on an emergency cover, and it can often be quite hard to find guides at the last minute.

The boat has assured us they will not use this emergency, the third guide again. The boat changed the itinerary in April but unfortunately, the information was never relayed to us. By the time we were informed, the passengers were already at sea. We have asked the boat owners to make us aware of every itinerary change as soon as it is put into place. We have agreed that they must receive a reply from us, confirming that we are aware of the change(s). We will then pass those itinerary changes to the clients. This new process will help everyone concerned and we are grateful to our clients for helping us to improve. The boat owners are also working on the boat every week to try to improve its condition. We’re glad that the cruise was a memorable one.

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