Travel Review: Luxury Tour of Ecuador & The Galapagos, Lima, Quito, Cusco, Sacred Valley..

Feedback On Travel Company And Travel Experience 

We thoroughly enjoyed our Ecuador and Galapagos tour and all the credit goes to the best travel agent we had during the trip. Initially, we were a little apprehensive about the travel services, but on the recommendation of our friend, we went on to booked the travel company that will make arrangements for our International trip. On the basis of our requirements and wishlist, the travel agent suggested the best vacation package that will meet our requirements and budget as well. We already mentioned that we will be traveling with an aged member of the family who needs more attention and services. The best part is that the agent made sure that my aged mother doesn’t feel like quitting the trip. He pre-booked everything and given instructions to the hotel staff and tour guides to take extra care of the elderly member of the family.

Although, all the places we visited were amazing and we had blast but there are some places we wanted to mention and sharing some of the best memories with the people who are willing to take up the Ecuador and Galapagos tour. The Sacred Valley was amazing but nothing can beat the beauty of the Incan Empire and the Inca Empire. We heard a lot about the place but we have never been to the place and the history behind this amazing empire. We are happy with the services that had provided for us.


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