A Wonderful Trip to Uganda!

A Wonderful Trip to Uganda!

  • Review by traveler
  • Meghan M.
  • On
  • February 15, 2019

There are many reasons for which people plan a visit to Uganda but we had something different and it was our passion and adventurous soul. We had a goal in our mind and it was to witness the wilderness of the wild that exists on this planet. In order to spot as many wild animals as we can, we were on an African trip for a long time. As exploring entire Africa on a single tour is not possible, we broke it in parts. Every year, we used to travel to different parts of Africa to taste a different slice of wild every time and this time it was Uganda. We contacted this company to plan our trip and we were happy to be guided by them. Right from the beginning of the tour, they made things easier for us. They had lots of Uganda itineraries uploaded on their site which gave us a pretty good idea to choose from. We opted for one of the Uganda itineraries that had on their website and they made sure to plan the same. We visited the top-most attractions and it was a wonderful experience. No regrets, so far.


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