Myanmar Travel Review

Myanmar Travel Review

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  • R Becky
  • On
  • September 22, 2018

This travel agency was a wonderful organization with which to work. From beginning to end, they were there to help and guide. Initially, we did not have detailed thoughts about all that we wanted to see in Laos and Myanmar. They came up with several options and helped to put the final plans together based exactly on what we wanted. We only arranged the international flights. They arranged all internal flights, hotels and guides/drivers. When we needed visas, they did the work to get them for us. The payment plan was comfortable and we received updates and reminders from them throughout the year of planning. They were always accessible and friendly when we had questions. They responded to our likes and dislikes when arranging hotels and all were excellent.

 If we had any concerns at all it was with individual guides under the Myanmar tour company. All guides were outstanding except ours in Bagan, who had a very difficult time showing some flexibility with the stated itinerary, who took us to some sketchy places and who showed little knowledge beyond stories related to Buddha. I think this company has done their homework and chosen good local companies and I do not fault them for one poor guide. The responsibility falls to the local company in choosing their guides.

Our most enjoyable moments were in Laos, when our guide (a freelance guide who works with many tour groups) listened to our requests for more experiential events and rearranged our itinerary to accomplish this. We had prearranged a day at the elephant camp and that was wonderful.....loved riding the elephants bareback and washing them in the river. We had prearranged visiting a school and our guide had chosen a very poor village school. He took us shopping at the stationary store and we bought supplies for all the children for a year and then delivered them and spent time laughing and playing with the children. It was a thrill for us and a brand new experience and thrill for our guide. 

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