A Much-Awaited Punta Cana Tour

A Much-Awaited Punta Cana Tour

  • Review by traveler
  • Nicola P.
  • On
  • December 10, 2019

Everyone in my family is a travel freak and love vacation tours and experiences that offer remarkable memories as we don’t get enough time to spend together on usual days. This time we all wanted to visit a quiet and not much crowded destination. My wife researched over Google and came up with this amazing island destination in Latin America, Punta Cana. From the very first moment I saw its pictures, I knew in my heart that this is the place we wished to visit this time around!

While scanning through the internet, my wife landed on this U.S. based travel website, Leisure.com. We went through some of the articles on Punta Cana and filled up the inquiry form. Luckily enough, we received a response from their end the very next morning. The travel coordinator discussed with us our tour requirements, budgets as well as our interests. He then connected us to a suitable tour agent who sent us some samples of his travel itineraries to get a glimpse of the kind of tour we were about to have. He then presented a personally customized Punta Cana tour itinerary as per our interests and requirements. We are highly impressed with the selection and managing capabilities of this travel agent. All the places were fascinating and the activities exactly the kind we had in our head. All the accommodations we stayed were top-rated with beautiful views outside. 

We thoroughly enjoyed this much-awaited family tour to Punta Cana and are looking forward to yet another tour with the same travel company. 


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