Myanmar Travel Review

Myanmar Travel Review

  • Review by traveler
  • R. Austin
  • On
  • September 22, 2018

We had a small time opening up during our trip to the Southern Asia and thus we had planned our trip to Myanmar. Our decision to include this trip came as a big surprise and it was one of the best decisions to be there. Myanmar is a rich country in terms of culture and heritage as well as the natural reserves it carries. We had a 3-day tour planned for Myanmar and I found me and my family engrossed completely in the tour. While planning, we were searching for some of the best travel sites and their itinerary. Luckily, my wife found about Leisure on the Internet and we liked the itinerary placed there. It was one of the reasons we actually travelled to the site despite some of my friends opposing it.

But the decision to actually visit the place was a good one. We got to learn from the travel agency about all the offers and the itinerary. They also asked us if we wanted to have anything customized. On arrival we did receive some warm welcome and it was heart pleasing. The trip was great. The only mis step was the trip to the beach. It was way too far and very dissappointing when we got there. Hotel was run down and all but closed. If we had known that ahead of time we would not have gone. Hang was great to work with. She made a lot of revisions for us. Everything was punctual and well planned.We really enjoyed Bagan and Inle Lake. I would skip the Beach excursion and Mandalay was not as great as expected. I would stay longer at Inle Lake. Given a chance, one should always visit Myanmar to learn about the cultures it carries and the heritages it inherits. I will also like to recommend the travel company to people. 

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