Funny moments on MoBay tours

Funny moments on MoBay tours

  • Review by traveler
  • Donna R.
  • On
  • July 19, 2019

Just a week ago, I was high on life, experiencing the best time on the beaches of MoBay. What a trip it was that can’t be explained in words? I have to admit that Montego Bay is the best place to relax and enjoy the world’s best water-related activities. I have thoroughly enjoyed the adventurous activities and the historic places that are famous in Montego Bay. 

This was the story to finding the site but the real fun is yet to tell as I share my own experiences with you. Once all the travel formalities were performed, the travel itinerary was right in front of me. I liked this concept of having a fair idea about the place you are about to explore in the coming days. The guy was really good as he included places most of the places that were bold enough to handle my adventure attitude and some of them were inspiring. I liked the way it was planned and the fusion in my itinerary. 

I made a lot of fun memories when I tried my hand on snorkeling and scuba-diving. I was so carefree and fully enjoying scuba-diving until one struck by a big stone that I skipped due to enjoying the underwater world and all my fellow divers and my instructor ended up laughing. And this was not all when I was climbing Dunn's River Falls, I slipped and fell down in the lap of a lady visitor there. It was too funny. I still laugh on the way I fell in her lap. All these funny memories are so fresh in mind. I have made many memorable memories there and all thanks to that guy who created such a beautiful itinerary. Soon, I will have another planned trip.

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