Had a week-long adventure in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Had a week-long adventure in Montego Bay, Jamaica

  • Review by traveler
  • John Smith
  • On
  • June 12, 2019

Ever since my brother came back from the tour, he has been discussing just of his Jamaica tour. I was too curious to know about his trip stories. He told me many stories that encouraged me to explore the city once in a lifetime. From beaches to parks and from outdoor activities to shopping sprees, there is a lot of fun and adventure that one can make out of Montego Bay tours. I am the youngest one in the family and I have never planned any trip on my own, so he approached the same travel agent who planned his previous trip. And I must say that the travel agent was really smart to plan a trip for us.

After knowing my travel preferences, he made such a beautiful itinerary that I am so impressed by his work that now onwards, I will make sure to book his services every time I travel. The accommodation was comfortable and affordable that I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Montego Bay. I am really impressed by the services that the hotel provided to me and they offer a complimentary drink and dessert on the last day of my stay.  

The most memorable moment was when I was rafting through the most peaceful Bamboo Martha Brae River Rafting where I made a friend Jenny. The rafting was so soothing, relaxing and peaceful that I recommended to my friends and they are also planning out a trip next month.  There are many places including Doctor’s Cave Beach, Rose Hall Great House, Croydon in the mountains and whatnot that I explored while on Montego Bay tour.

I am too happy with the travel services and the travel company that offered me great deals. I would definitely recommend it to my family members and friends (which I have already recommended).

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