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Magical Dream Tour

Just last week I returned from this trip to Los Cabos which happened to be my dream tour. My friends had planned a trip for me before my wedding day. They asked me for my suggestion regarding the destination and after much research, I suggested Los Cabos. One of my friends scrolled through a number of travel companies online and finally came across Leisure.com. She filled up the enquiry form and received an email from them on the same day. 

The travel coordinator asked her about our trip requirements and the kind of activities we would be interested in. After this brief discussion, she connected us to one of the experienced travel agent who at first provided us a number of sample itineraries so as to provide us with a glimpse of the tour. We selected some of the places we found amazing for us and discussed with the agent about the kind of your we would like to have. She patiently listened to our desires and customized her itinerary around the same. We were hugely impressed with the way she planned out so many attractions and activities in just 3 days tour. Since I was busy with my wedding preparations, we gave her the entire freedom to organize things as per her knowledge and experience. And I must say, she dint disappoint us! 

This happened to be the best gift to me by my friends which I'll remember my entire life and the credit also goes to Leisure for this. Thank You Leisure team very much and I am happy to tell that Iam also planning my honeymoon trip with Leisure once again!


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