Travel Review: Luxury Africa Family Safari, Tanzania & Kenya..

Travel Review: Luxury Africa Family Safari, Tanzania & Kenya..

  • Review by traveler
  • Virginia G.
  • On
  • September 19, 2018

Feedback On Travel Company And Travel Experience

On this Christmas, my family wants to visit Africa to see the wild animals on safari. My son was super excited to have a safari experience. We boldly picked Africa knowing nothing about it other than the rave reviews of the few people we know who have been there.  Completely uninformed, I stumbled upon this safari travel company. They essentially interviewed us on what we wanted out of our trip since we had no preconceived ideas on anything. My kids said "Animals!". No interest in wineries since we have those here. Maximum time on game drives.  Family dinners at night.Accommodation that promotes our time together. Minimize travel hassles. With these ideas, our travel agency created the perfect vacation nine of us in Tanzania and Kenya. Every detail from the minute we landed in Nairobi until the time we left was organized, professional and informed.  

Three hotels, 6 flights and all of the logistics of each were executed without a flaw.  We simply sat back and enjoyed each other and this fascinating part of the World. We came back two weeks ago and the memories keep getting better.  I had high expectations and they were all exceeded. I'm a self-explorer and love nothing more than figuring a new city or country out on my own with a tour book.  Africa seemed too foreign and unknown for this, so I reached out to an expert and hoped to be well taken care of. Pretty good leap of faith for me. But we paid for and received the real value that made our trip infinitely better than if we had tried to go it alone.  I can think of no higher compliment to a tour organizer than to say you exceeded every expectation and delivered real value that made our trip unforgettable. We can't wait to do it again!


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