Japan Travel Review

Japan Travel Review

  • Review by traveler
  • G. Rachel
  • On
  • September 22, 2018

Our trip to Japan was perfect. We were attracted to and curious about learning Japan. We had a limited time of 8 days with our two teenager kids. We wanted many things actually and the time is always not enough. Apart from learning the culture and the country, we were individually interested in culinary world and architecture parts of the culture as well. Our travel agency prepared a program and a unique experience for us. They also thought about our kids and reshaped our tour program based on our requests. We had a great time overall. Everything was so much organized and we just found ourselves travelling from one location to another with not rush, although with our luggage and mostly in public transportation, and diving right into the culture. Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Awaji Island were the places we visited and we are glad that we visited Osaka for instance apart from Kyoto and Tokyo.

Awaji Island as a final location was also perfect; as it was a mind switcher and putting everything that we learned on our journey on a holistic picture. We were very much interested in architecture and especially buildings of Tadao Ando. Our tour guides and our program and our walks were shaped based on seeing these buildings through our walks. The small touches such as the traditional candy workshop with kids and staying at a house for our own at Kyoto were perfect things that we wouldn’t think of.

There are so many. We enjoyed every bit of it. Being in Tokyo and Kyoto streets and walking through the city. Tsakani Tokyo Fish market and the sushi session. We learned so much. The dinner experience at Narisawa was unique and a life time experience for all of us. The guidance for such restaurants and their booking arrangement from our agency was perfect. You need that guidance if you would go such dining experiences. The Visiting Arashiyama area together with Kyoto to see the traditional Japan were a complementary experience. We are glad that we stayed in Arashiyama in a Ryokan

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