Italy Travel Review

Italy Travel Review

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  • Andrela
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  • December 5, 2018

My wife and I were planning a Europe tour for a long time. As we had limited time we were thinking of visiting only one country and we selected Italy. Our selection was right because it was a wonderful trip. This travel company made the trip an excellent one with their great service from start to end. We visited many places including Florence and Venice.

Florence is, obviously, the origin of the Renaissance, and it’s the city’s extraordinary architecture and art which are the main attractions for tourists. This means long queues for many of the key museums and churches throughout the year. But in January you can experience the art and the sights – most of which are indoors – entirely clear of crowds. There’s excellent shopping to be had, too – particularly during the January sales – and it’s a great time to visit the excellent bars and restaurants.

Always wonderful, always beautiful, always adventurous and never failing: you can’t go wrong with Venice at almost any time of year. But, while it can unquestionably be chilly, there is a unique magic to the city in winter. On clear days, the canals glitter in the sunlight, and you can view the snow-capped Dolomites on the horizon. In February you can also pick between crowd-free sights united with bargain prices or the thrill and glamour of the Carnival.


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