Funny stories in Hawaii

Funny stories in Hawaii

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  • Tonny B.
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  • August 7, 2019

My brother and I have a lot to share about my Hawaii vacation, both funny stories and excellent experiences we had while exploring the city. From the beginning of the tour, we thoroughly enjoyed and my younger brother gets into funny situations. Whether it was a scuba-diving activity or parasailing, the entire trip was full of funny stories as my brother seems to have a bit of bad luck struck in awkward situations. There were not one but many that actually made the trip full of fun with adventure. 

We saw the state fish that is called “Reef triggerfish” and again a funny incident took place there too. My brother was taking a picture of the fish while doing scuba-diving and as he was about to click the picture, another fish attack him and he dropped the camera down. The group of people we were diving with bust into laughter seen him getting into such a funny situation. But jokes apart, we thoroughly enjoyed our scuba diving experience and there were a lot of places that took us to surprise when we reached there. Initially, we planned to have 5 water sports to be included in our trip but after reaching there and having experienced much fun while doing water sports, we included two more into our trip. 

Our customized trip was good enough to push us to have another trip planned with this same travel company. I am so glad that I got my trip planned through After seeing the amount of fun I had during my trip, I could say that I will soon plan another trip with the same company. The best part of this company is that they customize your trip in such a way that you don’t feel like taking a second opinion. 


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