I had a beautiful experience in Hawaii

I had a beautiful experience in Hawaii

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  • Danial
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  • July 12, 2019

A little known to the area, I was really afraid of planning a trip to Hawaii, so I asked my friend to get someone who can plan out a trip for me. Hawaii has always been on my travel bucket list but due to some reason, I keep putting off Hawaii trip. However, I get to hear about the natural beauty of the place, I couldn’t control myself and end up contacting a travel site that could arrange an intelligent and a professional travel agent who makes my trip easy and sorted.  

I was surfing Facebook and I saw their an ad running on my Newsfeed. This is how I got to know about Leisure.com, an online travel site that connects travelers with the best travel agent. When I contacted the team Leisure, they assigned a travel agent who would take care of all my travel requirements. The guy’s name was Kelvin who created a beautiful itinerary that covered almost all the big places that one shouldn’t miss when on Hawaii tours. 

My tour was amazing but the most memorable part of the tour was on the Maui tour. I have been to some of the amazing places there that were no less than having mini heaven on earth. I watched some amazing marine creatures, including turtles and whales. I just didn’t check out the sea turtles and whales but I humpback whales in the sea which was something that I am not going to forget in my whole life. 

I liked the Hawaiian culture too when I attended the first sugar plantation event in Kauai. The event was Koloa Plantation Days where I encountered some beautiful dance forms with amazing music. I simply loved the trip and would plan out again soon. 

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