Ecuador Travel Review

Ecuador Travel Review

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  • John
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  • December 4, 2018

I have just returned from an excellent Ecuador trip. I have visited many places including Pichincha Volcano and Montana. Cascading down the rough hills of Pichincha Volcano, the highest official capital city in the world is possibly the greatest bucket-list destination in all of Ecuador.

In 1978, the heart of the city was named as one of the first ever UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites, known for its lived-in pueblo places and gilded Spanish plazas, painted colonial buildings and beautiful cobbled streets, each stepped by conquistadores and Incan imperialists alike.
On the edges of the city, the hills of El Panecillo give way to the soaring Andean peaks, mist-clad or snow-covered depending on the time of year.
Home to one of the most secure and convenient surfing places in the country, this one’s bursting to the rim with board rentals and surf teachers volunteering their services.
Night time is the domain of Marley and the Wailers, while the evenings bring out the yogis, who pepper the rocks and cliffs developing and relaxing in the ocean breeze. We have experienced things like that with this tour operator.

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