Wonderful Coffee Tour In Colombia

Wonderful Coffee Tour In Colombia

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  • Peter H
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  • February 4, 2019

Last month my wife and I went to Colombia coffee tour. We found this tour in leisure.com and it was a wonderful trip. Our travel company was great, they provided us with a perfect itinerary. We visited many coffee farm and laboratory and learned the detailed process of coffee production while savoring different types of coffee. We stayed in a luxury hotel each meal was great.

Colombia has shed its former reputation to uncover an excellent blend of cultural heritage, bustling daily life, and one of the world’s most ecologically diverse countries. The state’s capital of Medellin has a cosmopolitan aura with the beauty of an eternal spring spread across the hills.

There is an endless movement of trade and industry in a city that promotes chic restaurants, elegant hotels, and welcoming culture. Your guide will greet you at Jose Maria Cordova International Airport and drive you to a luxurious hotel, which overlooks the city’s dynamic center. The valley in which Medellin located provides a mild climate throughout the year, that earned its nickname, the Endless Spring.

Like wine, the coffee beans soak up the nutrients from the soil, gives them their specific, which is why coffees from different regions of the same plantation offer distinctive properties. After we indulged in our cup of premier Colombian coffee, we spent some time meeting with the pickers on the farm to learn more about their them, their community, and their experience in the fields. It was a great trip and I am thankful to this travel company.

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