Travel Review: Well-Planned Colombia Tour

Travel Review: Well-Planned Colombia Tour

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  • Arthur
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  • January 29, 2019

My wife and I usually prefer tours that are well-planned and no last-minute changes in the plan. With the help of our travel agent, we had a well-organized tour and there was a hassle while taking any road route. The morning we arrived in Colombia after a red-eye flight, we walked to a cafe near the hotel and midway through our breakfast, our agent arrived to check in on us and to meet us personally.  He walked all around the neighborhood looking for us and eventually found us. We instantly felt like we had a friend in Colombia. We felt like he truly cared about our well being. The service provided was far and above anything we had every experienced with other travel specialists. So that is one reason for prompting about this travel agency that had made our trip extraordinary. We would definitely recommend this travel agency to our friends and associates who love to travel and explore the areas that are unexplored. When it comes to the most interesting place we visited was Machu Picchu by far; the place was amazing! But also the Tudor of Cusco was quite informative and we made some new friends along the way!


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