Had a fun trip to Cancun

Had a fun trip to Cancun

  • Review by traveler
  • Larry H.
  • On
  • July 22, 2019

I am a big fan of underwater diving and what could be a better place for doing than Cancun. My craze for underwater diving gets high when my sister-in-law came back from her Cancun tour. As she started to share her best and unique experiences there with us, I began to start searching for the travel agent who could make things easy for me when traveling to and around the city.  A friend of mine has shared a travel agency’s name that he took services from. He referred me Lesiure.com and since he was too glad to use their services, so I thought to use the reference. I contacted the guys and after a few minutes, I was assigned a guy who will take care of my travel requirements.   

The guy had arranged the best travel services, from flight to accommodations, I had no issues with the services and moreover, the guy has offered me complimentary stay at the most famous resort there. I am so satisfied with the kind of services he offered and also planning to make another trip abroad soon with the same travel company. 

I have a lot of good memories to share when I was doing scuba-diving, snorkeling, and parasailing. The whole scuba-diving experience was such an amazing experience which I will never forget but parasailing was so romantic that I don’t want to forget. Through this tour, my wife and I come closer and looking forward to making romantic getaways every year. The trip was more of a water sports trip and each water sports I enjoyed thoroughly. 

Coming to the food was amazing and we also got a complimentary drink before the meal. I am a happy customer and I will recommend all my friends to contact Leisure.com to get their travel requirements done. 

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