An Incredible Botswana Safari Tour

An Incredible Botswana Safari Tour

  • Review by traveler
  • Jeff M.
  • On
  • December 23, 2018

Our Botswana safari coordinator was exceptionally great.  From the very start, he took our brief and put together a 6-weeks schedule for us that didn't require any change.  The travel agent who was helping us answered patiently to all our queries and sent us all the necessary information to prepare us properly for the trip and also to alight any concerns that we may have had.

The execution of the tour was seamless.  We stayed at 20 different camps and hotels, took 20 flights between camps and across borders, a number of transfers, activities and game drives.  All executed to perfection by this travel company, everyone involved was extremely professional and generous. Great smiles!

First time in Botswana and on safari so it is impossible to choose the most memorable part of the journey.  We loved each and every minute of it whether seeing cheetahs or birds or just grass and trees. The beauty of all the places we visited was breathtaking!

Undoubtedly, witnessing these majestic animals in their own habitat and being just a few meters from them was the major reason for this trip and we were definitely not disappointed. Really fell in love with Botswana and would most certainly go back again.


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