Magical Trip To Bhutan

Magical Trip To Bhutan

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  • J Silverstone
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  • November 12, 2018

I had the wonderful opportunity to see Bhutan for a 10-day trip and loved to give my greatest recommendation for our guide, Tshewang Rinchen. He is a remarkably well-informed guide who helped arrange an excellent and well-tuned trip combined with culture and trekking. If you have the open-minded curiosity for a better lifestyle you should explore Bhutan. See Paro (the phenomenal airport), Thimphu (the capital) and Punakha (the old city to the East), but above all, meet the people (the English language works fairly well) in towns and countryside, learn about Gross National Happiness as an attractive alternative to traditional GDP, explore the true meaning of national self-reliance, devotion to traditional cultural and religious values, public and individual care for the total environment and honest governance on all levels. You will be blessed by monks but also by a positive view about the negative influence of Western-style consumerism and how Bhutan, from top to bottom, still wins to clean off such bad impact in their happy country. Bhutan sets an example for all people of the world--for a better world. We can learn very much from that positive example, maybe even to rescue a world that doesn't want to be rescued. One must travel to Bhutan in the lifetime and definitely with this tour guide.

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