Outstanding Memories of Australia Tour

Outstanding Memories of Australia Tour

  • Review by traveler
  • Karen D.
  • On
  • December 18, 2018

I studied about the South Pacific region in my college and thoroughly enjoyed the history of it, particularly Australia. Thanks to my luck that I googled for a good travel company and found Leisure! I really enjoyed my Australia tours. All of my stays in Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sydney, and Cairns were truly unforgettable.

My Australia tour agent, helped me make all of the arrangements. The Gold Coast was phenomenal! During my stay in Australia, I did require assistance and so I called the travel service where they provided exceptional service to help me with modifications to my itinerary. I really couldn't ask for better support. The travel coordinator was also answering all my queries and concerns and the best thing was that she was also concerned for my well being and comfort.

Australia has a rich history. Traveling to the Blue Mountains was the most memorable experience. The most enjoyable part of my Australia trip was visiting the Gold Coast. 2 complete days in the sun and surf. Couldn't ask for a better trip. A Big thanks to my Australia tour coordinator!


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