Argentina Travel Review

Argentina Travel Review

  • Review by traveler
  • John A
  • On
  • December 3, 2018

We have just come back from a tour to Argentina. It was a wonderful trip. I have visited the sprawling, charming capital of Argentina stood on the banks of the Rio del Plata when Iberian seafarer Pedro de Mendoza first pointed out the colonial roads of what is today San Telmo district; Buenos Aires’ beautiful Spanish come Francophone-styled historic center, where Baroque churches rub shoulders with Parisian cafes inhabited by artists and bohemian types.
The artistic district of La Boca, meanwhile, glowing with multicolors, attracts crowds to its galleries and boutiques, while Palermo beats with dance shows and aromatic parrillas (casual roadside grills with perfect gaucho meat cuts). And then there’s the evening time, leading in one beating scene of tango and Latin jazz, sleepless dub bars, and all-night steakhouses.

Cordoba’s UNESCO-attested site is a beautiful patchwork of 17th-century Spanish churches and convents, Jesuit centers and cobblestone alleys, all housed between the rolling plains of the Argentine Pampas and the half-baked ranges of the Sierras Chicas. But a fine historical heart is not Cordoba’s only attraction.
No professor or students now gather here to the lecture rooms of the National University of Cordoba – the oldest and one of the most renowned in the country.
This educated population breathes life into paleontological museums and the Caraffa Fine Arts Museum alike, theatre compositions and public art displays, all whilst feeding an especially hedonistic nightlife in the Ex Abasto area. I have enjoyed everything with this travel company, they offered great service.

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