Culturally Enriching Bulgaria Tour

Culturally Enriching Bulgaria Tour

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  • Kimmy E.
  • On
  • August 23, 2019

I had been planning for a unique European tour since a long time and this Bulgaria tour happened to be exactly what I had wished for. It was not only unique in its own way but quite enriching and fun as well. 

Initially, I had planned to do the trip on my own, but it happened to be too much work. So, I Googled and researched a little bit and landed on this amazing travel company, Luckily, I received such a quick response from their end and discussed with me my requirements and interests. After 2 days, I received another email from them with a list of itineraries as per my budget and interests. It appeared such an interesting and comfortable trip for me including all the places I wished to visit and all the sports I wanted to try there.

Bulgaria is such a beautiful country representing a unique amalgamation of old and modern world. The culture, history and traditions of the country teaches you so much apart from being fascinating. All the cities and towns I visited had something great waiting for me. Talking about the best part of this Bulgaria trip, well it is definitely going to be winter sports in Bansko. Other than this, I also liked my stay in Sofia, the capital of the country and the festival spirit at the Zheravna.

I would really like to say a big thanks to the Leisure team for organizing such an amazing and fun trip for me. 


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