Inspiring Trip and Amazing Service

Inspiring Trip and Amazing Service

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  • Alexander
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  • January 18, 2019

I traveled a few places in Namibia during the trip but let me admit that in these few places I have experienced the real taste of Africa. The rolling green hills and the imperious mountains, the quirky fairy circles and the gigantic elephants, I witnessed almost everything that Africa is actually proud of. The trip started from the majestic city of Namibia from where we were flown to the mesmerizing Onguma Fort. There were multiple flights that we took during our trip and almost all of them were made by personal charter planes. Since we had that budget so, we did not bother about the extra costing of renting a charter. These short flights actually saved a lot of time which we utilized smartly during the Namibia Safari adventure. Meeting the Himba people is also another highlight of the trip. The service was great and the staff was super-friendly. We had not traveled to this part of Africa before but when we did, it all seemed unique yet beautiful. Thanks for the unconditional support and guidance we received from our guide. He helped us a lot in exploring the unique yet safe ways of traveling in Namibia.


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