Explore The Traditional Village Life Of Turkey With This Turkey Tour Package 2018

Turkey is one of those few countries in the world that spans more than one continent. Boasting all sorts of natural scenery - seas, mountains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, forests, and thermal hot springs, the country is a pleasant surprise to the senses. It has the perfect blend of historical and ultra-modern cities. Lively nightlife and a laidback way of living merge harmoniously here. Explore the traditional life of Turkey with this amazing Turkey Package 2018. Other than touring, you can also enjoy many cups of traditional Turkish tea or coffee!


A Brief Look At The Turkey Tour

(Day 1): Arrival in Istanbul

(Day 2): Exploring Istanbul

(Day 3): A Day in Sapanca

(Day 4): Visiting Ankara

(Day 5): Heading to Cappadocia

(Day 6): Returning Back to Istanbul

(Day 7): Departure for Home



Istanbul, Sapanca, Ankara, Cappadocia



Day 1: Arrival in Istanbul

The Ottoman treasures of Istanbul aren't restricted to its renowned wonders. Ornate sculpted stone outline the cobblestone streets and intrigue. Mosques are concealed within bustling markets of rainbow colors. Your hotel emits the opulence of the Ottoman Empire. Each corridor of the hotel is lined with antiques. Look across the rooftops from the window and witness the skyline. Later, head out onto the streets and discover something to admire with every footstep.


Day 2: Exploring Istanbul

Every morning in Istanbul it is the sounds that impress you first. The call to prayer flows across red rooftops. Your private guide meets you at the hotel reception and takes you on a full-day walking tour of historic Sultanahmet, which is a suburb that has absorbed the influence of many empires. Beneath the ground, you will explore the mysterious Basilica Cistern and the columns lining a historic pathway.

Next, you’ll visit Byzantine and splendidly capture the elegance of a 1,400-year-old history. Later in the afternoon, you sit down to a traditional meal and famous Turkish coffee before heading to Ottoman wonders. This was the home of sultans and is packed with dazzling collections of antiquated furniture, porcelain, carpets,  jewels, and art. Explore the labyrinth of covered streets in Grand Bazaar.


Day 3: A Day in Sapanca

Today, you’ll leave Istanbul and spend a few hours exploring the historical sites around Izmit and enjoying a leisurely lunch with broad views back towards Europe.

As you arrive in the village of Sapanca, your host family will be waiting outside their door. Step inside and you’ll be shown the guest room. Do not get surprised if you find it to be almost as big as the rest of the house. Local tradition says that even strangers should be provided with a luxury that exceeds what the family is used to. Later stroll through the village


Day 4: Visiting Ankara

This tour of Ankara enables you to completely explore an authentic culture. The villagers of Abant will be delighted and honored to show you around their village. After spending a full morning in Abant, and a traditional lunch at the homestay, you’ll be driven to Ankara. Even though the humble stone here may have been replaced with a glittering modernity, your host family will reveal to you that Ankara is an oversized village at heart. Their genuine and warm welcome would be unlike any you would expect from a capital city around the world.


Day 5: Heading to Cappadocia

This morning, you’ll visit the Anatolian Civilizations Museum. Archaeological finds and interwoven chronicles form a complex image of the region's history. The museum emits sundry influences and stories of power. Leave the capital city behind and enjoy lunch in a small village before you cross the valleys to the lunar landscapes of Cappadocia. After Istanbul, this is probably Turkey's most famous destination.


Day 6: Returning Back to Istanbul

Today, you'll be transferred to the airport for a short flight back to Istanbul. You’ll return back to your Ottoman themed hotel and relish a day of exotic experiences. Explore the Spice Market today with its spectacular array of colors and gourmet indulgences. This day is yours entirely to spend in whichever way you wish! Stroll around the city exploring its culture and knowing more about its history. Indulge in traditional Turkey feast as well as Turkish coffee or tea. In short, make the most of your final day here.


Day 7: Departure for Home

The Turkish journey comes to a conclusion this morning. Relish a final morning Istanbul's sensual feast before getting transferred to the airport for your return flight. You’ll be taking with you a dozen memories as a return gift from this amazing country which is going to last a lifetime!



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