Explore The Captivating Land of Slovenia With Our Europe Vacation Package

A country where medieval towns collide with enchanted seascapes, beech trees-shaded forests, azure glacial lakes, and sublime snow-dipped alpine scenery can only stay secret so long. This is Slovenia, the newest addition to your travel bucket list. Explore this captivating land with our wonderful Europe vacation package.


A Brief Look at the Slovenia Tour


(Days 1-4): Ljubljana

(Days 5-7): Piran

(Days 8-10): Bled


Places To Visit

Ljubljana, Piran, Bled



Days 1-4: Ljubljana

Almost every visit to Slovenia starts with a stay in Ljubljana. The tiny capital of Slovenia is not only one of Europe’s most compact, but one of its most charming as well. Even if you dedicate only a few days to Ljubljana, the city is bound to become one of your favorite European destinations. It is also the perfect place to base yourself for interesting Ljubljana day trips. Slovenia is a small country and so getting around from one place to another is easy. Four days seems to be an ideal time to allow yourself two full days of exploring Ljubljana and two days for day trips elsewhere in Slovenia.

Things To Do in Ljubljana

Most of the attractions in Ljubljana lie within highly-packed central Ljubljana, especially in and around Old Town.

  • Walk around Old Town: The life of Ljubljana exudes from its Old Town, which is a smattering of ancient streets decorated with sophisticated architecture. With Triple Bridge and Prešeren Square as your cornerstone, delve into the Old Town by passing east over the Ljubljanica into the old quarter. Discover plenty of excellent cafés and restaurants here. Stop in and treat yourself with a quick bite or a coffee to get ready for the day ahead.

  • Admire the beauty of the city from Ljubljana Castle: There is no better way to experience the beauty of Ljubljana than from above. Trek up to the city’s most famous landmark, Ljubljana Castle. The castle grounds are covered in utter beauty and are an amazing way to spend some time unwinding. Rehydrate yourself with a sip of wine or beer in the courtyard before you catch some stunning views over the ancient center from the castle ramparts or Outlook Tower.

  • Take in the artsy Ljubljana Cathedral: While touring Old Town, Ljubljana Cathedral is also worth a visit. It is as beautiful as the classic Central European church towers and domes. Enter through the carved bronze doors and marvel at the spectacular 18th-century Baroque frescoes and gilded details.

  • A day trip to Škofja Loka: From all the possible day trips from Ljubljana, choosing just one seems like an impossible task. However, the easiest one is a quick one day out to the wonderful medieval town of Škofja Loka.


Days 5-7: Piran

Everyone knows about the famous Adriatic coastline in Croatia. Only a few realize that Slovenia boasts its own little ecstatic Istrian riviera squeezed between the Croatian and Italian coasts.

The most popular and the prettiest resort town in Slovenia is Piran. If you are looking for a little fun in the sun after some sightseeing in the deep alpine woods or cities of Slovenia, then Piran is the best place.


Things To Do in Piran

The immensely scenic Piran isn’t usually as tightly-packed with activities as many other Slovenian destinations. Explore this Mediterranean gem at a relaxed pace in order to truly appreciate what it has to offer. It is not that there aren’t many things to do in Piran, but expect your days to be less-rushed with small memorable moments such as enjoying a seaside coffee, some deliciously-fresh seafood, and absorbing the sea breeze sliding off the Adriatic.

  • Hike up to the city walls to catch a bird’s-eye view of Old Town: Apart from venturing throughout Piran’s Old Town, there is surely no better experience in Piran than finding your way up the old city walls to steal a view over the town. At the peak of tourist season, wandering along the city walls will also provide you with a much-needed break from the heavy crowds of central Piran.

  • Relish a seaside meal on Presernovo nabrezje: If you are a seafood lover, there is no better place in Slovenia to treat yourself than in Piran. Traverse through to the edge of the peninsula where Old Town prods into the Adriatic and find Presernovo nabrezje, a coast-side street boasting a wealth of Piran’s top restaurants.

  • A day trip to Škojcan Caves and Postojna Cave: Spend 3 days in Piran and get a chance to grab a day trip. Out of all the Piran day trips, the two most eccentric might be Škojcan Caves and Postojna Cave. Though you could also visit both the destinations as a day trip from Ljubljana, reaching them from Piran will save you some time.



Days 8-10: Bled

As much as you’ll adore visiting Ljubljana, it is difficult to leave Slovenia without a visit to Bled tugging at your heartstrings. You can find hundreds of reasons to visit Bled. But you need only one to make all the difference: Experiencing the mystical and other-worldly beauty of Lake Bled for yourself. Bled is one of the most beautiful outdoor destinations in Europe, offering some of the amazing landscapes you’ll find anywhere on the planet.

Things To Do in Bled

The search of all the things to do in Bled starts and ends with what you’ll discover outdoors. Slovenia has really done an amazing job by making the Bled area a top adventure destination. The lively tourism center of Bled acts as the ideal base to explore an area whose snow-kissed alpine scenery and crystalline lakes will undoubtedly stick with you for a lifetime.

  • A walk around Lake Bled: After reaching Bled, the easiest activity for the first-timers is to catch a view of the azure waters of Lake Bled from every possible angle. The 2 km walk around the lake is the ideal place to begin. The most amazing views are from the southern and eastern shores of the lake where the lofty Julien Alps divulge into the panorama, accented by Bled Island and Bled Castle.

  • Trek up to Bled Castle: The views over Lake Bled from Bled Castle are going to be the most amazing you’ll find anywhere else in Europe. After absorbing some views, stop at the Bled Castle wine cellar to relish some souvenir Slovenian wine with the resident monk sommelier.

  • Discover the beauty of Lake Bohinj or the depths of Vintgar Gorge: Extending the number of days in Bled opens up an array of day-trip opportunities. A 10 min drive will get you to Vintgar Gorge, which is supposedly one of Slovenia’s best outdoor destinations. You can also trek your way through the 1.6-kilometer Vintgar Gorge along wooden bridges and paths that hang above the Radovna River.

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