A 9-Day Honeymoon in Australia: Great Barrier Reef and Sydney

Australia is one of the most amazing places in the world and it a popular destination for the love-struck newlyweds. The beautiful landscapes, stunning beaches & deserts, and the warm hospitality of the country are like a fairytale romantic getaway for the newly married couples. You can witness the marine life at Great Barrier Reef and the incredible city Sydney. Below is a 9-day detailed itinerary for the honeymooners. This is definitely going to be your best Australia tour package.


Trip Highlights:

Day 1: Stay at Thala Beach Nature Reserve and visit the Daintree Rainforest

Day 2: Enjoy the catamaran ride along with activities such as snorkeling, diving etc.

Day 3: Participate in Walkabout Cultural Adventures and tour the Daintree Rainforest

Day 4-5: Relax or explore at Thala Beach Nature Reserve

Day 6: Visit Bondi Beach and enjoy shopping at fabulous boutiques of Sydney

Day 7: Cruise on Sydney Harbour

Day 8: Discover the best of Blue Mountains and visit Featherdale Wildlife Park

Day 9: Shopping in Sydney


Trip At A Glance:

  • Enjoy the stay at Thala Beach Nature Reserve which is luxurious and unique eco-retreat

  • Take the catamarans to reach the reef at the edge of Australia’s Continental Shelf and enjoy snorkeling & diving

  • Enjoy the mesmerizing Daintree Rainforest

  • Explore the magnificent surroundings of Thala Beach Nature Reserve

  • Shopping at fabulous boutiques of Sydney and visit Manly Beach or Bondi Beach.

  • Cruise the Sydney Harbour

  • Visit the Featherdale Wildlife Park


Places To Visit:

Cairns, Thala Beach Nature Reserve, Daintree Rainforest, Great Barrier Reef, Sydney, Bondi Beach, Blue Mountains



Day 1: Thala Beach Nature Reserve

When you arrive at Cairns, you can take a shared ride to the Thala Beach Nature Reserve. It is a luxurious and unique eco-retreat. The pristine landscapes of Thala cover more than 145 acres and it is a place where Daintree Rainforest (listed as World Heritage) meets the Great Barrier Reef. You can wander on a private beach and spend time discovering the secluded coves. The forest is full of wispy eucalyptus and you will have a nice and pleasant time.

Day 2: Great Barrier Reef

It's the second day of your trip and it's time for the experience of a lifetime. You can take the catamarans to reach the reef at the edge of Australia’s Continental Shelf. Once you reach there, you can enjoy snorkeling, diving or can even opt to stay dry and explore the Reef from the Quicksilver semi-sub (one meter in the water).

Day 3: Daintree Rainforest

Enjoy the mesmerizing Daintree Rainforest along with the Walkabout Cultural Adventures which are specifically designed for the honeymooners. You can also take a guided tour to know the culinary and medicinal use of the local plants. For a romantic evening, take a stroll towards any secluded stream and enjoy the time with each other.

Day 4-5: Thala Beach Nature Reserve

You will be spending the next 2 days at your leisure. You can either choose to relax or can spend time exploring the magnificent surroundings. The Thala natural reserve supports many rare habitats with changing kaleidoscope of the natural wonders which will be an awesome experience especially if you enjoy nature and wildlife photography. You can spend the time kayaking, seeing wild wallabies and can even help nature by planting native trees. 

Day 6: Sydney

To reach Sydney, you will have to take a shared ride to Cairns airport from there you can take a flight. Sydney is Australia's largest city and it is located on the edge of the ocean. You can visit the popular Manly Beach or Bondi Beach, enjoy shopping at fabulous boutiques and can spend time discovering the vibrant neighborhoods of the city.

Day 7: Sydney

Enjoy the healthy bed-breakfast and take a stroll in nearby markets. During the afternoon, get ready to enjoy your cruise on the Sydney Harbour where the captain will share the history of Sydney Harbour. You can visit the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. Enjoy the 3-course BBQ lunch with local beers and regional wine with your partner. 

Day 8: Sydney

It's now time to discover the best of Blue Mountains which mostly lies in World Heritage region. You can visit the Featherdale Wildlife Park where you will be able to see the kangaroos, koalas, emus, and wallabies. Take a stroll to look out for the spectacular views of the little villages and the waterfall of the Blue Mountains. You can have a lunch at Hydro Majestic Hotel which is famous for the scenic lookouts. If time permits, you can also visit Mt Tomah Botanic Gardens to enjoy the magnificent views and a glass of orange juice or sparkling wine during your trip back to your hotel.

Day 9: Airport

This will be the last day of your honeymoon and you can roam around on the streets of Sydney to discover the city's unique architecture. Make sure that you leave for the airport on time.

This 9-day honeymoon trip to Australia will be an unforgettable experience and you will be mesmerized by the majestic landscapes, astonishing sea life, and activities such as diving and snorkeling.


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