Paris, Avignon And Nice: A Perfect Tour of France For The First-timers

From the mesmerizing sweet macaroons to rich chocolate emanating from cafes, the historic Eiffel Tower to stunning Palace of Versailles, France has everything to woo the newlyweds. Choose France as your much-awaited honeymoon destination, and add value to your most memorable moments.

Trip Highlights:

Day 1: Explore the streets of Paris 

Day 2: Spend time on Sightseeing

Day 3-4: Visit the historic legends of Paris

Day 5: Exploring Avignon

Day 6: Exploring Nice

Trip At A Glance:

  • Start exploring Paris while enjoying the scent of sweet macaroons and rich chocolate emanating from cafes
  • Enjoy the stunning sights along the river and pay a visit to Notre-Dame tower and the Arc de Triomphe.
  • Visit the historical sites such as the Louvre, Montmartre & Sacre Coeur, and the Palace of Versailles 
  • Witness medieval bridge, restaurants, leafy squares and rampart-ringed old buildings which makes Avignon special
  • Fall in love with the charm and colors of the Nice 

Places Visited:

Paris, Avignon, Nice





Day 1: Paris

Start your day with the scent of sweet macaroons and rich chocolate emanating from cafes. The charming gardens along with river Seine adds an elegant architectural touch to the beauty of Paris. Once you reach your hotel, take a hot shower and get ready to enjoy the wide avenues and historic mansions in Paris. A stroll along the cobbled street lining and the beautifully decorated bridge by street artists will captivate your imagination and you will be left spellbound.

Day 2: Paris

It is impossible for anyone to cover Paris in 1 or 2 days. You might need at least 4 days to cover some of the most beautiful places. On the 2nd day, enjoy your half day tour to the stunning sights along the river. You can visit Notre-Dame tower and the Arc de Triomphe. The historic Eiffel Tower can be viewed from any part of the town. If time permits, you can enjoy a local picnic on the long green grassy area while sipping wine and enjoying the delicious cheese. 

Day 3-4: Paris

During these days you can enjoy several historical sites such as the Louvre, Montmartre & Sacre Coeur, and the Palace of Versailles. You can also cruise the Seine river which embarks some of the most astonishing architectural sites. The stunning gardens are the haven from the busy streets and you will definitely enjoy a stroll in these gardens.

Day 5: Avignon

Avignon is a commune in France and lies on the left bank of Rhone river. Avignon is known for the annual Arts Festival which is the biggest festival in France. It usually occurs in July and this city is also known as the center of the Roman Catholic World. The impressive legacy of ecclesiastical architecture and Palais des Papes (World Heritage site) are some of the special features of this town. Avignon is also famous for the medieval bridge, restaurants, leafy squares and rampart-ringed old buildings in the town. Some of the top sites in Avignon are Musée Calvet, Musée Lapidaire, Musée Angladon, Collection Lambert, Pont St-Bénézet, and Musée du Petit Palais. You may stay here for more than one day if you desire.

Day 6: Nice

Nice is the 5th most populated city of France and it is also the capital of Alpes-Maritimes département. Once you reach Nice, you will enjoy the unfettered look of iridescent coastline from the Castle Hill which is over 300 feet above the water level. The charm of the Belle Epoque, the seaside balcony of Beau Rivage and the locals skating along the Promenade des Anglais will make you fall in love with the city. You can take a walk with the hand-in-hand with your partner and can enjoy aromas of simmering butter and chocolate. The town has red-brick rooftops and the historic church with the steeples tower. The cobblestone paths graced with the scent of daffodils from the bustling morning flower market will be the most romantic walk that you have ever taken with your partner.  Spend most of your time in Nice to explore your romance.

France has some of the best destinations to offer and it is up to you to decide the duration of your trip. Once you are in France, you will forget everything and will fall in love with this country. 



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